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007: Licence to KillDomark Software, Inc.1989Action, Racing / DrivingOkfalse
1000 MigliaSimulmondo1992Racing / Driving, Simulation, SportsOkfalse
10th FrameAccess Software, Inc.1987SportsOkfalse
11th Hour, TheVirgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.1995AdventureOkfalse
15x15 PuzzleIftech Software AB1994PuzzleOkfalse
1830: Railroads & Robber BaronsAvalon Hill1995Simulation, StrategyOkfalse
1869Max Design GesMBH1992Simulation, StrategyOkfalse
1942: The Pacific Air WarMicroProse Ltd.1994SimulationOkfalse
1994 PoolNinano Software1994SportsOkfalse
20000 Leagues Under The SeaCoktel Vision1988AdventureOkfalse
221B Baker StreetDatasoft, Inc.1987Adventure, StrategyOkfalse
2400 ADORIGIN Systems, Inc.1988Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Okfalse
240 RacingAlexander Sandstrom1997RacingOkfalse
3D Cyberpuck (3D Ball Blaster)Dungeon Entertainment1994ActionOkfalse
3D Space FighterOkfalse
3-K Trivia (booter)IBM1984StrategyOkfalse
3 Skulls of the ToltecsWarner Interactive Entertainment Ltd.1996AdventureOkfalse
4-D Boxing (aka 4D Sports Boxing v2.0)Mindscape International Ltd.1991SportsOktrue
4-D Sports BoxingMindscape International Ltd.1991SportsOkfalse
4D Sports Tennis (World Tennis Championships)Mindscape1990SportsOktrue
4 Queens Computer CasinoApplications Plus1992SimulationOkfalse
4th & InchesAccolade, Inc.1988Action, Sports, StrategyOkfalse
688 Attack SubElectronic Arts, Inc.1989SimulationOkfalse
7th Guest, TheVirgin Games1992AdventureOkfalse
A.G.E (Advanced Galactic Empire)Coktel Vision1991Action, Adventure, Simulation, Strategyfalse
A-10 Tank KillerDynamix, Inc.1989SimulationOkfalse
Aaargh!Arcadia Systems, Inc.1988ActionOkfalse
Abadia del Crimen, LaOpera Soft S.A.1987AdventureOkfalse
Abandoned Places: A Time for HeroesInternational Computer Entertainment Ltd.1992Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Okfalse
Absolute pinball21st Century Entertainment Ltd.1996Action, SimulationOkfalse
Absolute ZeroDomark Software, Inc.1995ActionOkfalse
AbuseCrack dot Com1995ActionOktrue
Aces of the Deep (Incl. Expansion Disk)Sierra On-Line, Inc.1994SimulationOkfalse
Aces of the Deep CD Re-releaseSierra On-Line, Inc.1994Action, Simulation, StrategyOkfalse
Aces of the PacificSierra On-Line, Inc.1992SimulationOkfalse
Aces of the Pacific & Expansion Disk: WWII: 1946Sierra On-Line, Inc.1992SimulationOkfalse
Aces over EuropeSierra On-Line, Inc.1993Action, SimulationOkfalse
Aces over Europe (CD version)Sierra On-Line, Inc.1993Action, SimulationOkfalse
Ack-Ack AttackKurt W. Dekker1996ActionOkfalse
Across the RhineMicroProse Ltd.1995Simulation, StrategyOk, minor issue in 0.73false
Action FighterFirebird Software Ltd.1989Action, Racing / Drivingfalse
Action SuperCrossBalázs Rózsa1998ActionOkfalse
Actua SoccerUbi Soft Entertainment Software1995SportsOkfalse
Actua Soccer Club EditionGremlin Interactive Ltd.1997SportsOkfalse
Adith: The Forgotten Alchemyfalse
Advanced CivilizationAvalon Hill1995StrategyOkfalse
Advanced Tactical Air Command (ATAC)MicroProse Ltd.1992Simulation, StrategyOkfalse
Adventure Construction SetElectronic Arts, Inc.1987Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Missing featurefalse
Adventure Fun-PakApogee Software Productions1987Action, Adventure, Strategyfalse
Adventure in SereniaSierra On-line Inc.1982AdventureOkfalse
Adventure in Serenia (booter)IBM1982AdventureOkfalse
After Burner 2Sega1989ActionOkfalse
AfterlifeLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC1996SimulationOkfalse
Agent USAScholastic, Inc.1985Adventure, Educational, StrategyOkfalse
Agent USA (booter)Scholastic, Inc.1985Adventure, Educational, StrategyOkfalse
AimpointSoft Max1996StrategyOkfalse
AirballMicroDeal1987Adventure, StrategyOkfalse
Airborne RangerMicroProse Software, Inc.1988Action, SimulationOkfalse
Air BucksSierra On-Line, Inc.1992SimulationOkfalse
Air Force CommanderImpressions Games1992StrategyOkfalse
Air Power: Battle in the SkiesMindscape International Ltd.1995Action, SimulationOk, minor issue in CVSfalse
Airstrike USA (aka Advanced Tactical Fighter 2)Digital Integration1990ActionOkfalse
Air TraxPresearch Incorporated1983SimulationBrokenfalse
Air Warrior PlusInteractive Magic1995SimOkfalse
AjaxKonami, Inc.1989ActionOk, bad copyfalse
Aladdin (aka Disney's Aladdin)Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.1994ActionOktrue
AlbionBlue Byte Software GmbH1995Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Okfalse
AlcatrazInfogrames Europe SA1992ActionOkfalse
Aldo's AdventureYahoo Software1987ActionOkfalse
Aleshar: The World of IceHypothermia1997Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Ok, minor issue in CVSfalse
ALF: The First AdventureBox Office, Inc.1987ActionOkfalse
Alien BreedTeam17 Software Limited1993ActionOkfalse
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultTeam17 Software Limited1994ActionOktrue
Alien CabalQASoft1997ActionOkfalse
Alien Carnage (aka Halloween Harry)Apogee Software, Ltd.1993ActionOkfalse
Alien Incident (aka Leokadian)GameTek Deutschland GmbH1996AdventureOkfalse
Alien LegacySierra On-Line, Inc.1994Adventure, StrategyOkfalse
Alien Legacy (CD version)Dynamix1994StrategyOkfalse
Alien Logic (Skyrealms of Jorune)Strategic Simulations, Inc.1994Action, Role-Playing (RPG)Okfalse
Alien OdysseyPhilips Interactive Media, Inc.1995Action, AdventureOkfalse
Alien OlympicsMindscape, Inc.1994Action, SportsOkfalse
Aliens: A Comic Book AdventureMindscape, Inc.1995AdventureOkfalse
Alien TrilogyAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.1996ActionOk, minor issue in 0.74false
A Line in the SandStrategic Simulations, Inc.1992Simulation, StrategyOkfalse
All Dogs go to HeavenMerit Software1989ActionOk, minor issue in 0.72false
Al-Qadim: The Genie's CurseStrategic Simulations, Inc.1994Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Okfalse
A-mazeWizard Games1989ActionOkfalse
A Mind Forever VoyagingInfocom, Inc.1985AdventureOkfalse
A Nightmare On Elm StreetMonarch Development1989ActionOkfalse
A-Train & Contruction SetOcean Software Ltd.1992Simulation, StrategyOkfalse
007: Licence to Kill
Developer:QuixelCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Domark Software, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Action, Racing / DrivingCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Using cracked exe to bypass floppy protection. A "James Bond" action/arcade game based on the movie with the same name. Your aim is to avenge the death of Felix Leiter, who was killed by the drug baron Sanchez. Technically the game consists of several different vertical scrolling action sequences. In each stage you must fly, drive or walk through a preset terrain. While doing that, you have to shoot enemies, avoid their shots and collect items (mainly ammunition). Some levels rely more on shooting, while others test your reflexes.
1000 Miglia
Developer:SimulmondoCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Genre:Racing / Driving, Simulation, SportsCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Based around a classic motor car race from either side of the war, 1000 Miglia (literally '1000 miles') is an unusual racing game. You have to progress across Italy through a number of stages in your rickety 20s car. Keeping within time limits at each point is crucial to staying in the game. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the spare parts that you will take with yourself in case your car breaks down. You also choose a car and set up the skills for your two drivers; you can distribute points between Skill, Resistance and Mechanics, and choose the driver's favorite part of the race. Atmospheric conditions change throughout the race: sometimes the weather will be clear, sometimes you'll have to drive through rain or mist. During the race, your car will sometimes lose a wheel or need other repairs. If this happens, you'll lose a couple of minutes repairing it - as long as you have the appropriate spare part; if you don't have one, it's game over!
10th Frame
Developer:Access Software, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Access Software, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Also available is an alternate version without intro music. Leader Board authors Bruce and Roger Carver tried their hand at tenpin bowling, in one of the game's earliest recreations. The process of bowling the ball involves timing a succession of clicks to set the right angle, speed and curve, similarly to Leaderboard's system. Three skill levels are provided - Kids level sets the speed and hook automatically, while Amateur has more margin for error with hook/slice than professional. The game is played from a plan view, with four other (empty) lanes visible. Single matches or a league structure can be played.
11th Hour, The
Developer:Trilobyte, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:64
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Ctrl-F4 to shuffle CDs The 11th Hour is the sequel to the widely successful game, The 7th Guest. It utilizes a much improved video compression engine by Graeme Devine and is also the game which brought forth Trilobyte's eventual demise. This time you play the role of Carl Denning, boyfriend to the reporter Robin Morales. Robin has mysteriously vanished while trying to delve into the secrets of the rotting mansion of the once evil mastermind, Henry Stauf. The game features new puzzles, redone graphics and indeed an improved engine - much smoother, with 16 bit graphics and an entirely new soundtrack. The basic gameplay is still similar to its predecessor: the player walks through the mansion, watches FMV sequences and solves logic riddles. The so-called GameBook, a laptop, can be consulted to receive puzzle hints.
15x15 Puzzle
Developer:Iftech Software ABCustom1:Custom8:
Publisher:Iftech Software ABCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
1830: Railroads & Robber Barons
Developer:SimTex, Inc.Custom1:GMCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Avalon HillCustom2:Custom9:0dosroot\SIM\1830\MANUAL.PDF
Genre:Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Crack is a little strange since the game still has a doc-check?! Based on Avalon Hill's board game of the same name, 1830 is a railroad empire building game that is along the same lines (although a different style of gameplay) as the much more famous Railroad Tycoon. Capturing the very look and feel of the board game, all the way to the hexagonal playing field and track tokens, 1830 is a turn based game that emphasizes the successful running of a company and manipulating the stock market rather than managing a railroad. Tracks can be laid, cities connected, trains purchased, and schedules set, but the ultimate goal in the end is making money, even at the cost of your company; you'll wind up buying and selling a number of them during the course of the game anyway.
Developer:Max Design GesMBHCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Max Design GesMBHCustom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Trade goods between ports all over the world, in this economic simulation game, by Austrian design team Max Design. As a 19th century merchant wanna-be, you need to buy a ship, find a crew, load a few goods on the ship, and sail into the horizon, until you reach a port with a demand for your goods. Eventually you will have the money to buy more ships, create regular trade routes, and become the head of a regular trading company. 1869 focuses on management and economy, rather than action. Actual sailing is done by plotting a route and then watching the days go by, interrupted only by the occasional random event. Basically you'll be planning routes, watching out for special assignments (that pay well if completed on time) and generally trying to steer clear of the shores of bankruptcy. The game offers a multiplayer mode (Hot-seat) which can be quite entertaining. Just make sure your friends are also into this particular genre.
1942: The Pacific Air War
Developer:MicroProse Software, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:MicroProse Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:82
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
World War II fighter simulation. The battles will be made on the far east, when the Americans came to deal with Japanese. Machine guns got jammed, kamikaze fighters are bumping on to the US battleships giving their life to many others in return, and the war is hell out of over. It's up to you to fasten it, before everything goes wrong.
1994 Pool
Developer:Ninano SoftwareCustom1:Custom8:
Publisher:Ninano SoftwareCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Shareware, game complains about missing MS mouse driver, fixed in cvs.
20000 Leagues Under The Sea
Developer:Coktel VisionCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Coktel VisionCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
No music or sound whatsoever. press enter highlighting the top of a colour name twice The game is based on an idea by Jules Verne. In 5th July 1867 the government has decided on the departure of the famous ship the "Abraham Lincoln", which will leave on the trail of the sea monster. The great French professor Mr. Arronax will also take part in the expedition.The weeks passed without any sign of the monster's presence in the area, when, one day, 300 miles from the shores of Queen Charlotte's Island... three members of expedition will set on board the Nautilus, submarine navigated by Captain Nemo. Not like the prisoners but as guests, you all have to explore Nautilus and to discover the underwater world unknown to Man.
221B Baker Street
Developer:IntelliCreations, Inc., Pacific Softech Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Datasoft, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\PUZZLE\BAKERSTR\DOC\MANUAL.TXT
Genre:Adventure, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0dosroot\PUZZLE\BAKERSTR\DOC\CASEBOOK.TXT
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Based on the board game of the same name, 221 B Baker St. pits up to four players against each other in a race to solve mysteries set in Victorian London. After picking a character (Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, or Inspector Lestrade), players select one of the thirty available mysteries and read its case file in the game's manual. The case file presents the particulars of the case, mentions the people involved, and explains what the players need to deduce to win the game. Solving the mysteries entails moving around London (the game board) via a roll of the dice, entering locales to collect clues, and then piecing the clues together. Among the fifteen locations available are a pub, a park, and a bank, and each location is brought to life with voice synthesis. Each location will have a clue, but not all clues will be useful. Before solving the case, players must visit Scotland Yard for a badge. Players might also want to use a badge to lock a location with a useful clue, requiring other players to detour to the locksmith. Once a player believes they have solved the case, they must return to Baker Street and answer a quiz. If the player is incorrect, the other players can continue.
2400 AD
Developer:ORIGIN Systems, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:ORIGIN Systems, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
In this RPG by Chuck "Chuckles" Bueche, players take the role of an ordinary guy who lives in the futuristic city Metropolis. The city has been conquered, and it's population enslaved by an alien race known as Tzorg. They have sent robots to maintain order in Metropolis, turning it into a police state. There are rumors of an underground resistance movement somewhere, and those who wish to battle against the Tzorg. But the path to find the resistance is dangerous, and being caught by the robots will lead to being thrown in prison... The gameplay style is very similar to the Ultima Series, also from Origin. The entire game is viewed from top-down perspective. The various commands (search, open, talk, etc.) are executed by pressing a correspondent key on the keyboard. Battles take place on the same screen as exploration, and require the player to press A (for "attack") and a directional key to aim at the enemy. The game is set entirely in the big city, with streets and buildings to explore, items and weapons to buy, and people to talk to.
240 Racing
Developer:Alexander SandstromCustom1:Custom8:
Publisher:Alexander SandstromCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
3D Cyberpuck (3D Ball Blaster)
Developer:Dungeon EntertainmentCustom1:Custom8:
Publisher:Dungeon EntertainmentCustom2:Custom9:0http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?id=2422
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Developer:PC Research Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
3-Demon, commonly regarded as the very first progenitor of the 90s first-person shooters, is a surreal, wireframe-3D Pac-Man clone in which you have to move through a maze, collect points and occasionally take items which will allow you to kill enemy monsters (ghosts) instead of them killing you. After having cleaned the level of a certain percentage of points, you have the option to move to another level immediately by pressing the down key, where the monsters are smarter and move faster.
3D Space Fighter
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
3-K Trivia (booter)
Developer:Keith FrechetteCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Up to 6 players can compete in this game show like trivia game. Categories include movies/showbiz, science, nature, true trivia, sports, and more. The program allows players to even add their own questions to the game.
3 Skulls of the Toltecs
Developer:RevistronicCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Warner Interactive Entertainment Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:63
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
When cowboy Fenimore Fillmore comes into possession of a golden skull by way of an expiring snake-oil salesman, he learns that it is one of three keys that will unlock the treasure of the Toltecs. After the skull is stolen by rustlers, Fenimore sets out to recover all three and unearth the treasure himself. 3 Skulls of the Toltecs is a 3rd person cartoon adventure game in the same vein as The Secret of Monkey Island. The interface is point-and-click, and the player is given a list of verbs to select from to perform actions: open, pick up, use, look, etc, similar to the LucasArts games it emulates. Once a certain portion of the territory has been covered a map becomes available for travel, or the player can ride the train tracks with a hand-pumped trolley or travel by donkey. Puzzles are inventory-based, and the player must talk to other characters in the game and collect items in order to solve them.
4-D Boxing (aka 4D Sports Boxing v2.0)
Developer:Distinctive Software, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Mindscape International Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\SPORTS\4DBOX\DOC\CODES.PNG
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
needs 4d.com in batch-file to bypass doc-check. So when the configuration is altered, add 4d.com to box.bat 4-D Boxing leaves behind any pretences of being a pure arcade game based on boxing, and aims to recreate the sport in full detail. The graphics engine allows for multiple camera angles and viewpoints, and considerably detailed visuals. These required more advanced hardware than was common at the time, but a stick-figure mode was included as a compromise. The moves on offer include all the uppercuts and hooks of a real fight, and the players are designed to move realistically to implement them. You progress through the game by taking on a succession of increasingly difficult fighters, and get to train your boxer in between. Advanced action replays are included as well, so you can review all that happened.
4-D Sports Boxing
Developer:Distinctive Software, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Mindscape International Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Press ENTER at the doc check (cracked using The Patcher v6.5). 4-D Boxing leaves behind any pretences of being a pure arcade game based on boxing, and aims to recreate the sport in full detail. The graphics engine allows for multiple camera angles and viewpoints, and considerably detailed visuals. These required more advanced hardware than was common at the time, but a stick-figure mode was included as a compromise. The moves on offer include all the uppercuts and hooks of a real fight, and the players are designed to move realistically to implement them. You progress through the game by taking on a succession of increasingly difficult fighters, and get to train your boxer in between. Advanced action replays are included as well, so you can review all that happened.
4D Sports Tennis (World Tennis Championships)
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
4 Queens Computer Casino
Developer:Applications PlusCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Applications PlusCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
4 Queens Computer Casino is a virtual casino offering 12 different classic casino games from Video Blackjack to Craps and Slot Machines. The game supports from 1 to 4 human players. After entering your name(s) and deciding what your starting bankroll will be you then get to choose between any of the 12 games. You can play each game as many times as you wish and freely switch from one game to another.
4th & Inches
Developer:Accolade, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Accolade, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Action, Sports, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
4th & Inches is an action/strategy football game for one or two players. You control the action during the variety of plays that can be called, choose when to take timeouts, and select which players on your team will be on the field. There are two teams (the All-Pros and the Champs) and you can see each players statistics to determine how fast or strong he will be.
688 Attack Sub
Developer:Electronic Arts, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Electronic Arts, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
choose 4 and 1 at startup An early submarine game that allowed you to command both American and Soviet attack submarines. Numerous stations were at your disposal (sonar, weapons, navigation, helm, radio and periscope) with a play style that balanced realism and fun. Graphics were impressive for the day featuring digitized images of surface ships and crew.
7th Guest, The
Developer:Virgin GamesCustom1:Custom8:http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/7th-guest
Publisher:Virgin GamesCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Ctrl-F4 to shuffle CDs
A.G.E (Advanced Galactic Empire)
Developer:Coktel VisionCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Coktel VisionCustom2:Custom9:0dosroot\ACTION\AGE\DOC\CODES.PDF
Genre:Action, Adventure, Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0dosroot\ACTION\AGE\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Sequel to Galactic Empire. A.G.E. (= Advanced Galactic Empire) is an early first-person space/adventure hybrid from Coktel Vision. Both games sports a fast 3D engine. As you pilot your spacecraft around the planets and stars, engaging in space combat and conversation with other characters, you unravel the Conquer the Universe plot. The game is similar to Elite in that you are relatively free to travel to wherever you please.
A-10 Tank Killer
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Dynamix, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\SIM\A10\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
This is v1.5 with the joystick path to v1.52b1. This simulation puts you in the cockpit of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, which is also known as the "Warthog". As the game's name implies, it is used mainly to weaken enemy tanks, but also for destroying roads and bridges You are armed with Avenger 30mm cannons which can fire around 70 times a second. Multiple camera angles are featured. Landing is automated and an accelerated time function is on offer. Characters have full AI to act without your involvement, and will communicate with you in-flight. Actions in one mission affect another - something you failed to destroy in one mission can attack you later.
Developer:Binary Design, Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Arcadia Systems, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster? Yes, as this Rampage-influenced arcade game sees you play either an ogre or a dragon. Both are searching an island for an egg which will give them super powers. This is located inside a building, and to find the right one you must continuously smash them up, using either the ogre's horn or the dragon's tail. Humans must also be attacked as you see them, as their catapults weaken you. Food can be found to restore energy, Once you have located the egg, a one-on-one beat 'em up battle with your rival ensues - win five of these to finally win the game.
Abadia del Crimen, La
Developer:Opera Soft S.A.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Opera Soft S.A.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
The development of the game is based on the Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose", on which Guillermo de Baskerville along with its intrepid disciple Adzo de Melk have the order on the part of Abad of an Abbey (Abadía) forgotten of the hand of God, to clarify certain crimes that are granted to the hand of the Devil. With this attractive argument we became jumbled of such way in the game that until we do not solve it we are condemned to moor itself of permanent form to the computer.
Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroes
Developer:ArtGameCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:International Computer Entertainment Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Soundblaster music is rather weird in the intro, therefore internal speaker is used which is digitized as well In this RPG, you play the role of four heroes whose mission is to save their world, Kalynthia. It gives you much freedom: there's more to do than just stick to the main quest. While the game is 2D most of the time, dungeon crawling takes place in a 3D view.
Absolute pinball
Developer:Unique Development Studios SwedenCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:21st Century Entertainment Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:61
Genre:Action, SimulationCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Absolute Pinball is a pinball game which features four tables with different themes: Desert Run (car tour from Paris to Dakar), Aquatic Adventure (treasure hunt at a beach), The Dream Factory (Hollywood) and Balls 'n Bats (Baseball). All tables feature three flippers and several mini games on the scoreboard, e.g. swimming away from sharks. Also worth mentioning are the five graphics mode which range from a classic scrolling table to a transverse view which shows the whole table at one. The controls follow the genre standard.
Absolute Zero
Developer:Domark Software, Inc., Simis LimitedCustom1:GMCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Domark Software, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:64http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=2011
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Patched, and replaced dos4gw.exe with laserlok protection by a standard 1.97 version. In the 24th century, on the frozen Jovian moon of Europa, earth has established a colony to extract water from the moon. One of the mining facilities accidentally discovers on their excavations members of a long-buried alien race. The creatures, now awake, slaughter all the miners and destroy the moon's capital city. It's up to you now to defend what's left of the colony and eliminate the aliens, or at least hold them off until help arrives. Gameplay consists of 3D space combat action (though mostly on the moon's surface) with a twist: you don't play a specific character or campaign, instead you are placed on the shoes of different characters with each new mission. Each trying to do their best to survive using 7 different vehicles, from starfighters, to recon scouts, to ground-based turrets.
Developer:Crack dot ComCustom1:Sound CanvasCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Crack dot ComCustom2:Custom9:78
Year:1995Custom4:Custom11a:Sound Canvas
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
It is the unimaginably distant year 2009. You are Nick Vrenna, falsely locked inside a high security prison. The genetic experiments conducted in the prison, combined with a full-scale riot that took place recently, caused all guards and inmates to be transformed into insane, aggressive mutants. Your job is to escape while stopping the genetic plague from transforming the whole world. Abuse is a side-scrolling platformer with a lot of shooting. It's a nonlinear game, as the levels often have a few exits that lead to different areas. Your character is a cyborg equipped with various weapons; initially, you only have a weak laser rifle with unlimited ammo, but you can find more powerful guns later on, such as grenade launchers, flamethrowers or lightsabers. You move through a building complex, fighting any enemies you might encounter on the way. The enemies are mostly the mutants, but also the defense systems (such as stationary missile launchers). While you move with the keyboard, you can aim with your mouse, so you can shoot at any angle no matter what direction you are running. On your way, you'll find elevators, teleporters, cracked walls that can be destroyed and more. Apart from ammo and health, you can also find upgrades which have a number of beneficial effect - increasing your running speed, for example.
Aces of the Deep (Incl. Expansion Disk)
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:GMCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:88http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/aces-of-the-deep-expansion-disk
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:dosroot\SIM\AOD\DOC\MAP.JPG
Also contains expansion disk data, extra docs and manual. alt-x to quit. Patched to 1.2 (with Qemu, because of batchfile features that are not working properly in DOSBox). Take command of a U-Boat in WWII and hunt down and destroy allied convoys. This is never an easy task, their escorts and aircraft are waiting to ruin your day. Campaigns can be started in one of several time slots, allowing you to play for the entire war if you wish. Specific missions aren't required because the engine "rolls up" convoys and targets, meaning every time you play the missions will change. The later released CD-version adds additional multimedia features.
Aces of the Deep CD Re-release
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:GMCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\SIM\AODCD\READ.ME
Genre:Action, Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0dosroot\SIM\AODCD\README.OLD
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Patched to 1.2 (with Qemu, because of batchfile features that are not working properly in DOSBox). This is a re-release of the 1994 DOS game Aces of the Deep. While the gameplay is unchanged it adds new textures, voice acting and video interviews with German submariners. An on-line manual gives detailed information about the historical background and submarine tactics. It also features historical maps, movies, photos and articles.
Aces of the Pacific
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
alt-x to quit Dynamix/Sierra's answer to the Lawrence Holland Air Combat Trilogy. This game includes an incredible amount of aircraft and ships. In contrast to BattleHawks 1942, this game features ground attack missions and land-based aircraft in addition to anti-shipping strikes and carrier-based aircraft. You can fly for the US Navy, Army Air Force, Marines or Japanese Navy and Air Force. US aircraft featured: F4F-3, F4F-4, F6F, F4U, SBD, SB2C, TBD, TBF, P38F, P38J, P39D, P40E, P47D, P51D, B17D, B17E, B24J, B25D, B25J, B29A. Japanese aircraft featured: A6M2, A6M3, A6M5 Zero, D3A Val, D4Y Suisei, B5N Kate, B6N Tenzan, Ki27 Nate, Ki43 Oscar, Ki61 Hien, Ki45 Toryu, Ki84 Hayate, Ki100, Ki21 Sally. You can fly in single missions (dogfighting, fighting famous aces, escorting bombers, etc.), or fly a career spanning major battles or the entire war. Lots of realism options including blackouts, weather effects, sun blind spot, no collisions, etc.
Aces of the Pacific & Expansion Disk: WWII: 1946
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Alt-q to quit. Dynamix/Sierra's answer to the Lawrence Holland Air Combat Trilogy. This game includes an incredible amount of aircraft and ships. In contrast to BattleHawks 1942, this game features ground attack missions and land-based aircraft in addition to anti-shipping strikes and carrier-based aircraft. You can fly for the US Navy, Army Air Force, Marines or Japanese Navy and Air Force. You can fly in single missions (dogfighting, fighting famous aces, escorting bombers, etc.), or fly a career spanning major battles or the entire war. The game also offers several realism options including blackouts, weather effects, sun blind spot, no collisions, etc. US aircraft featured: F4F-3, F4F-4, F6F, F4U, SBD, SB2C, TBD, TBF, P38F, P38J, P39D, P40E, P47D, P51D, B17D, B17E, B24J, B25D, B25J, B29A. Japanese aircraft featured: A6M2, A6M3, A6M5 Zero, D3A Val, D4Y Suisei, B5N Kate, B6N Tenzan, Ki27 Nate, Ki43 Oscar, Ki61 Hien, Ki45 Toryu, Ki84 Hayate, Ki100, Ki21 Sally. This expansion set to Aces of the Pacific is premised on what might have happened in the pacific theater if WWII had not ended in 1945. Based on research of the allied war plans and documents, the player is given the chance to fly in the campaigns that might have been. Some of the aircraft that were being prototyped when the war ended are included. These are the Grumman F7F Tigercat, the Grumman F8F Bearcat, the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star (a jet), the improved Goodyear F2G-2 Corsair, and for the Japanese Navy the Kyushu J7W Shinden, the Nakajima Kikka (a jet), and the Mitsubishi Ki-83.
Aces over Europe
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:86dosroot\SIM\AOE\MANAOE.TXT
Genre:Action, SimulationCustom3:Custom10:0dosroot\SIM\AOE\README.TXT
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:dosroot\SIM\AOE\DOCS\MANUAL.PDF
Sequel to Aces of the Pacific, Aces over Europe takes place in the Western Theater of Operations during WW2. Fly fighters and fighter-bombers for either England, Germany, or the United States, escorting heavy bombers, attacking ground troops, or just taking control of the skies over Europe. Aces over Europe features improved graphics over its predecessor, including smoother models and individual squadron markings on planes. Terrain graphics have also been slightly enhanced to aid in navigation. AOE features campaign modes for all three sides. Although not truly dynamic, the campaigns feature random missions based on your plane type and squadron, making each campaign different. Player controlled planes include American Lightnings, Thunderbolts, and Mustangs, British Spitfires, Tempests, and Typhoons, and German Bf-109's, Fw-190's, and Me-262's.
Aces over Europe (CD version)
Developer:Dynamix, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:86dosroot\SIM\AOE\MANAOE.TXT
Genre:Action, SimulationCustom3:Custom10:0dosroot\SIM\AOE\README.TXT
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:dosroot\SIM\AOE\DOCS\MANUAL.PDF
Taken from the 'Aces - The Complete Collector's Edition' compilation CD. Sequel to Aces of the Pacific, Aces over Europe takes place in the Western Theater of Operations during WW2. Fly fighters and fighter-bombers for either England, Germany, or the United States, escorting heavy bombers, attacking ground troops, or just taking control of the skies over Europe. Aces over Europe features improved graphics over its predecessor, including smoother models and individual squadron markings on planes. Terrain graphics have also been slightly enhanced to aid in navigation. AOE features campaign modes for all three sides. Although not truly dynamic, the campaigns feature random missions based on your plane type and squadron, making each campaign different. Player controlled planes include American Lightnings, Thunderbolts, and Mustangs, British Spitfires, Tempests, and Typhoons, and German Bf-109's, Fw-190's, and Me-262's.
Ack-Ack Attack
Developer:Kurt W. DekkerCustom1:Custom8:http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/ack-ack-attack
Publisher:Kurt W. DekkerCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Across the Rhine
Developer:MicroProse Software, Inc.Custom1:GMCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:MicroProse Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0dosroot\STRATEGY\1944ATR\README.TXT
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Installer fails to detect free space correctly (0 bytes), thus installed via Qemu. Alt-q to quit. Revisit World War II in real time. Command and coordinate tank battalions. Play either side, switching from above the field and inside the tank at any time.
Action Fighter
Developer:SEGA Enterprises Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Firebird Software Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Action, Racing / DrivingCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
This is a top down vertically scrolling shooter, in which you start off as a motorbike. You are quite vulnerable to attack at first, but power ups come in the form of a Sega van which you have to dock with. The first time you dock you get double fire, the second time gives you a rocket, the third gives a rear force field and the fourth invulnerablility. By destroying cars and bikes that appear on your way, you can collect A-F letters. Collecting A through to D allows you change into a sportscar which is less vulnerable to attack, but not as nimble. Collect all the letters in order to be able to transform into a high tech plane. This is the final stage of one of the five missions. Only the high tech plane can guide you to your destination in which your main target is hiding. There is also time limit in which you have to complete the mission. It is advisable to transform into the high tech plane as fast as it is possible. Picking up flags gives you bonus points with 10,000 points gaining you an extra life.
Action SuperCross
Developer:Balázs RózsaCustom1:Custom8:http://www.moposite.com/info_games_across.php
Publisher:Balázs RózsaCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Action SuperCross (later referred to as Across), programmed by Balázs Rózsa (Hungarian), was first published in February 1997 and it was pretty soon chosen as the shareware game of the month in a Finnish hardware and software magazine named MikroBitti. This award has most likely been contributing to Across wide and fast spreading and the attention it got throughout the world, among young computer users. After the advertisement in MikroBitti, the Across community, including the first teams (first of which was ASC - Acrossive SuperCrossers, soon followed by EMT) and sites concerning Across began to develop. Across is based on a real physical model, but to be honest, the physics could as well be from another planet. In the game, you have to complete various levels by collecting all the apples as fast as possible and finish the level by touching the flower. The basic idea of it is very simple and Across might sound a bit boring, but it's definately not once you get the hang of it. People are either big fans of Across and Elma, or despise it for being a waste of time. Maybe it's just the simple idea which makes the game so addictive, or the very dedicated community that has developed in the time passed after the game was released. Also you can save replays (.rec file extension) of your drives, and watch how you drove. This is very useful if there was something in your previous drives you had forgotten. You copy those replays to/from other people as well. Actually this is a very important part of the community and also a big help in the learning of new ways to complete the levels. Shareware versions have less levels than registered ones, details on development of internal levels page. The shareware version of Across 1.2 had the level editor for the first time, eventhough with only limited features.
Actua Soccer
Developer:Ludi MediaCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Ubi Soft Entertainment SoftwareCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Rip is also available Action soccer is a quick and uncomplicated soccer game with two different graphic styles (2D overview and 3D isometric). The 16 teams have 6 skills like speed, strength, shotpower etc.. There are no things like offside, fatigue or tactic. You can play a friendly game, the UBI-Cup, a championship or a tournament. In few options you can change the weather (sun, night, rain, snow) or little tactic (offense, defense, normal). Worth mentioning is also the funny audio-commentary from Jonathan Pearce and the editor.
Actua Soccer Club Edition
Developer:Gremlin Interactive Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Gremlin Interactive Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Actua Soccer Club Edition is a re-edition of Actua Soccer, released with the 20 teams of the English Premiership instead of international competitions. New commentary was recorded and some Premiership historical data was included. All remaining aspects of the game were unchanged or just tweaked. The rest of the game is well known to fans of the genre - it was the first fully polygonal football game on the market, which allowed an unprecedented graphical realism and (technically) unlimited camera angles.
Adith: The Forgotten Alchemy
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Chinese game.
Advanced Civilization
Developer:Avalon HillCustom1:GMCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Avalon HillCustom2:Custom9:71dosroot\STRATEGY\AVALON\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Patched to 1.11B1. Rip also available. Based on the boardgame with same name this game places you as a nation in the Mediterranean to rise and become the supreme ruler. Spanning about 8000 years, it covers the development of ancient civilizations from the start of agriculture to the emergence of Rome as the domimant power. Although military strategies are possible it's far from any wargame as the main goal is to gain an overall advancement involving cultural, economic, political and religious powers. The battles which emerge are normally the result of shortage of land rather than attempts to eliminate other nations. The player who effectively balances each aspect of the game will build the strongest civilization and win the game.
Advanced Tactical Air Command (ATAC)
Developer:Argonaut Software Ltd.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:MicroProse Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\SIM\ATAC\MANUAL.TXT
Genre:Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Alt-q to quit. Lead the secret war on illegal drugs in South America! Wage war against drug barons with advanced weaponry such as F-22 fighters and AH-64 helicopters. Destroy their drug pipeline to starve them of cash, but don't hit the civilians or you may get kicked out of the country! The drug lords won't stand by though... And they had used the drug money for an effective arsenal, from missiles to fighters and more. Gather intelligence, decide on strike targets, and launch planes to accomplish their missions. Take over any plane in flight if you think they need help. Send in DEA agents to gather more intelligence and resupply local rebels. Can you win the war? ATAC can be described as two games in one. On the strategic level, you need to figure out how the drug barons are forming their pipeline and the best way to destroy the pipeline while causing minimal damage to the civilian population, while defending your own base against intruders and attackers. You can order recon flights or gather intelligence from rebels and DEA agents on the ground. When you get enough intelligence, you can issue target orders to up to 4 crafts (F-22's or AH-64's). and they'll go accomplish those missions if they can. Once you're off in the air, the game becomes first-person simulator, where you fly through the jungles of South America chasing the target you need to destroy while fighting the drug baron's mercenary forces. How you do in one will affect how you do in the other.
Adventure Construction Set
Developer:Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Electronic Arts, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Cannot insert floppy in disk a since ctrl-f4 doesn't work with floppy images Create your own graphic adventures! ACS allows you to customize a tile-set, maps, and objects to create in-depth adventures, reminiscent of the early Ultimas. Seven small 'toolkits' to build from, Sci/Fi, Spy and Medieval setting templates, plus two complete games "Land of Aventuria" and 'Rivers of Light' were included as a demonstration. "Rivers of Light" was based on Sumeric mythology and contains 140 rooms.
Adventure Fun-Pak
Developer:Apogee Software ProductionsCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Apogee Software ProductionsCustom2:Custom9:0Freeware Release Notes
Genre:Action, Adventure, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Adventure Fun-Pak is a collection of four adventure games: Rogue Runner, Night Bomber, Raiders of the Forbidden Mine and The Thing.
Adventure in Serenia
Developer:Sierra On-line Inc.Custom1:Custom8:http://www.mobygames.com/game/pc-booter/adventure-in-serenia
Publisher:Sierra On-line Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Adventure in Serenia (booter)
Developer:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
The IBM port of Sierra's Apple II game "The Wizard and the Princess", where you must rescue a princess imprisoned by an evil wizard. Classic text and graphics with 2-word parser game.
After Burner 2
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
ctrl-j to use joystick
Developer:LucasArts Entertainment Company LLCCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:LucasArts Entertainment Company LLCCustom2:Custom9:77
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
This is a Simcity style game where you manage heaven and hell at the same time. By managing you build the gates, the gifts (heaven) and the punishments (hell). Each section is populated by souls and you need to keep them happy by building and developing each section.
Agent USA
Developer:Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Scholastic, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Adventure, Educational, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Agent USA is a geography enhancement game that centers around a character that travels by train to different U.S. cities. The object of the game is to travel by train and find the "FuzzBomb" which turns ordinary people into "FuzzBodies". You plant crystals which regenerate into newer crystals, and when you build up 100 of them and touch the FuzzBomb, the nation is saved!
Agent USA (booter)
Developer:Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Scholastic, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Adventure, Educational, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Agent USA is a geography enhancement game that centers around a character that travels by train to different U.S. cities. The object of the game is to travel by train and find the "FuzzBomb" which turns ordinary people into "FuzzBodies". You plant crystals which regenerate into newer crystals, and when you build up 100 of them and touch the FuzzBomb, the nation is saved!
Developer:Inter GameCustom1:Custom8:
Publisher:Soft MaxCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Partly Korean game. Patched but unknown what the patch does, still at 1.0.
Developer:MicroDealCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Genre:Adventure, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
You have been turned into a ball of air with a slow leak by an evil wizard. You must find the Spellbook and the ingredients for the spell. Without these, you will never turn back into a human again.
Airborne Ranger
Developer:MicroProse Software, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:MicroProse Software, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\ACTION\AIRBORNE\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
Genre:Action, SimulationCustom3:Custom10:0http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=32024&highlight=
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Use F1 and on for weapon selection. Ripsaw made a patch to resolve a problem with certain key combinations, I put that in the PATCH directory. In this action/simulation game by Microprose the player takes the role of an U.S. Army airborne ranger. These Airborne rangers are dropped behind enemy lines by parachute to perform all kinds of dangerous missions. Gameplay consists of 3 phases:<ol>Reading the mission briefing and outfitting 3 supply pods with machine gun ammo, time bombs, first-aid kits, grenades & LAW rockets depending on this briefing. Flying over the mission map in a V-22 Osprey plane to drop your 3 supply pods and parachuting out of the plane yourself. Performing the actual missions and reaching the pick-up point before time runs out. There are 12 different missions which include capturing an enemy officer, blowing up an ammunition depot, photographing an experimental aircraft and liberating P.O.W.'s </ol>Missions take place in either an arctic, desert or temperate setting. Using the mission map the player must decide the route towards the mission objective. This might require them to crawl through trenches, run around minefields or take out enemy soldiers and bunkers. Airborne Ranger was one of the first games with some missions that required a stealthy approach (staying undetected until a certain time, taking out a guard and stealing an enemy uniform etc.). Airborne Ranger can be played in practice or veteran mode. In practice mode, gameplay is limited to a single mission, while in veteran mode, a series of missions or an entire campaign is played in order to earn medals & promotions. All missions can be played on several difficulty levels.
Air Bucks
Developer:Impressions GamesCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Audio will fail when setting cycles too high Air Bucks is a business simulation game which succeeds in capturing the ins and outs of the airline industry without bogging the player down with details. There are many fun details in the game-- you can buy rights to airports, arrange seats on the planes to carry more or less first class passengers, decide on the quality of in-flight food or entertainment, and more. The game even has interesting "special events" similar to Railroad Tycoon, which require quick, changes in your plane operations to accommodate them.The game's attention to industry-specific details is excellent: you will design global routes and pay for landing rights, tinker with plane layouts, and determine fares for each leg.
Air Force Commander
Developer:Impressions GamesCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Impressions GamesCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Take command of a middle-eastern country's airforces to gain air superiority over your enemy. No resource management, just attack and defend. Sixteen missions, played from both sides for the advertised total of Twenty-eight. Size ranges from Lebanon vs. Syria to Gulf War.
Air Power: Battle in the Skies
Developer:Rowan Software Ltd.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Mindscape International Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:67dosroot\SIM\AIRPOWER\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
Genre:Action, SimulationCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Has problems detecting the CD with non-full installation. Using full installation makes the game stop complaining. SVGA detection fails, but using the svgatest program it can be made to work. ET4000 performs best. Several factions are at war. The only true means to do face to face combat in this world is in the air. Choose one of seven aircraft (each having it's own faults and flight) and go to it. Gain control of an area and choose which is best suited to attack next. With three computer opponents, this game gets quite tough fast. They can easily gang up on you or perhaps a treaty to help another faction is in order? Good luck!
Airstrike USA (aka Advanced Tactical Fighter 2)
Developer:Digital IntegrationCustom1:Custom8:http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/airstrike-usa
Publisher:Digital IntegrationCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Using Tandy for slightly better soundeffects
Air Trax
Developer:Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Presearch IncorporatedCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Activate caps-lock at the instructions question to have the keyboard respond. Air Trax is an air traffic control tower simulation game very very similar to Air Traffic Controller. This is an ascii text based air traffic control simulation where planes need to be guided to land safely before they run out of fuel or crash. However this game seriously complicates things with the inclusion of three different types of aircraft: jets, small craft, and super sonic jets. Players can also earn a salary.
Air Warrior Plus
Developer:Kesmai CorporationCustom1:Custom8:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Warrior
Publisher:Interactive MagicCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Developer:Konami Industry Co. Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Konami, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
After gameover, complains about disk 2, missing? In this coin-op conversion your mission is to infiltrate the alien fortress during 6 levels, and to destroy the fortress and the alien. Sitting in Ajax H.Q., you must pilot the remote controlled drone ship to do this. The drone represents jet fighter (behind view) and helicopter gunship (top-down view). It may be moved on the screen, fire air-to-air and air-to-ground guns and pow bomb. Limitless hordes of mechanoid invaders, whose sole intent is the total domination of the Earth, will try to stop you. Exit from each level is guarded by the powerful boss, who you should eliminate. DOS version of the game differs from C64/CPC/ZX version by the number and location of enemies, map of areas, order of the stages, and ability to use different controls to shoot air and ground targets.
Aladdin (aka Disney's Aladdin)
Developer:Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\PLATFORM\ALADDIN\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
The game from Virgin based on the 1992 animated Disney film is a side-scrolling platformer. The player controls Aladdin, who must make his way through several levels based on locations from the movie: from the streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultan's dungeon to the final confrontation in Grand Vizier Jafar's palace. The Sultan's guards and also animals of the desert want to hinder Aladdin in his way. He can defend himself with his sword or by throwing apples. Next to apples, Aladdin can also collect gems which can be traded for lives and continues with a traveling trader. Finding Genie or Abu icons enables bonus rounds. The Genie bonus round is a game of luck played for apples, gems or extra lives. In Abu's bonus round, the player controls the little monkey who has to catch bonus items that fall from the sky, but without touching any of the unwanted objects like rocks and pots. The game's humorous animations were created by Walt Disney Feature Animation.
Developer:Blue Byte Software GmbHCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Blue Byte Software GmbHCustom2:Custom9:76
Genre:Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
In Albion it is the year 2227, and you take the role of Tom Driscoll, space pilot for the powerful DDT Corporation. DDT has sent a factory ship called the Toronto to harvest minerals and resources from Albion, a newly discovered desert world barren of life but rich in resources. Tom is sent to take some atmospheric readings on the planet, but crash lands after an apparently accidental systems failure of his shuttle. Upon reviving from the accident he is shocked to discover Albion is in fact a rich, life-filled world inhabited by many alien life-forms. It then becomes his task to explore the strange new world and locate the Toronto. His quest becomes even more urgent when it becomes apparent that the AI guiding Toronto is determined to destroy this life-filled world in the name of big business. There are actually two modes in the RPG, 2D and 3D. The 2D mode takes place in the overworld and inside buildings, and is a top-down perspective similar to Ultima 7. Navigation is through the mouse which you can use to move around, and click on things to interact with them. There's also a 3D mode for the villages and dungeons. Combat is turned-based and planned on a 2D 6x6 square grid, and the actual animation occurs in 3D.
Developer:221B Software DevelopmentCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Infogrames Europe SACustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
As a U.S. Navy SEAL you must break into Alcatraz prison and free all of the hostages. Alcatraz is a one or two player platform game that changes perspective to a first-person view once you're inside a building. With many different weapons such as flamethrowers, machine guns, bombs, and other destructive, close combat weapons, you will be able to defeat the wild horde of terrorists. If you play with the two player option, the screen splits horizontally.
Aldo's Adventure
Developer:Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Yahoo SoftwareCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
You are Aldo (who for some reason looks incredibly like Mario of Mario Bros). Your mission is to successfully reach the upper levels and obtain the treasure chest that lies within. However, beware of the falling barrels (yes, barrels) that inhibit your progress and threaten to 'flatten' you into the existing background. Control Aldo by fast moving, jumping and climbing ladders to reach the pot of gold on the top level.
Aleshar: The World of Ice
Developer:HypothermiaCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Genre:Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Some graphics corruption Since the beginning your parents knew you were somehow different from the others. You have the spark of Elemental Powers and dangerous tool and illegal, unless one is a priest of the Cult of Wisdom. Your father sends you off to learn under the guidance of an elementalist, hoping you would not suffer the same fate as your grandfather, who was hunted down by the Cult for not becoming a priest. The elementalist eluded the Cult by living in far from large towns and cities. He was forgotten by the cult. Your father hoped you would be forgotten as well. And now you return... Aleshar: The World of Ice is a top-down perspective RPG in a world surrounded by snow and ice. Your character may be created from various available classes (Hunter, Healer, Bard, etc.), each with different speciality statistics which may be tweaked during character creation. Character statistics and abilities will increase during the game, depending on constant use of a particular ability. There are no "leveling-ups" or experience normally found in other RPGs. The world of ice is divided into 2 major areas: [1] The overland map, where you can encounter (random) monsters and visit towns, dungeons and caves. Here you can initiate hunting actions to acquire rations and use the sextant to identify your location. Time setting on the overland map is real-time, thus random monster encounters may issue even though your character is not moving. [2] The tactical map where you commence combat and/or interact with people (when entering towns). Interacting with people involves a text parser where you enter keywords (eg. name, job, buy/sell, etc.) for further dialogs. Certain keywords are automatically highlighted. Combat occurs when encountering random monsters on the main map. The turn-based combat consists of simply moving your character to the enemy position, or manually aiming at the enemy with melee or ranged weapons. Combat then is defined by text messages indicating attack and defense roles. Magic (or known as "Spark" in Aleshar) is an ability acquired later in the game, consists of single or combined use of the 5 available runes (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Spirit). Each spell may be tweaked to a certain power level, the higher the power used, the greater the effect but the more straining it is to your character's fatigue. Spells directed to yourself or your allies are always beneficial while spells directed to your enemies are always damaging.
ALF: The First Adventure
Developer:Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Box Office, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
This was a budget release computer game based on the popular 80's television show of the same name. You're Alf and you have to run around the neighborhood collecting pizzas and avoiding cats and the man of the household.
Alien Breed
Developer:Team17 Software LimitedCustom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Team17 Software LimitedCustom2:Custom9:0dosroot\ACTION\ALIEN\DOCS\MANUAL.PDF
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
F1 to quit. Using cracked exe because manual codes are hard to read. Alien Breed is a top-down science fiction shooter somewhat inspired by the movie Alien in terms of plot and atmosphere. Gameplay, though, was obviously inspired by the Atari arcade classic Gauntlet. The game tells a typical sci-fi story of an alien invasion on the space station ISRC-4. Two space marines, Johnson and Stone, are the only human beings left to clear the base of aliens. Moving around an alien-infested complex in a top-down view, you must at all times keep an eye not only on your energy level, but also be conservative with ammunition. Though you will find new ammo cartridges strewn around the levels, they are consumed quickly by respawning aliens that may come crawling out of the floors and walls when you least expect it. On the floors, you will also find keys for passing through locked doors. Keys must also be used with care, or you may find yourself locked out of a room containing the remaining keys that you will need in order to complete the level. Other doors are one-way, and will electrocute you if you try to pass it in the other direction. Other major bonuses found on the floor are emergency kits for restoring your health, and credits. The credits come in handy when you find an Infotex terminal. There, you can access information about your current mission and your vital statistics, as well as buy supplies such as ammunition, weapons and keys. Music is forfeited in this game, in favour of ambience sounds from machinery, machine gun sounds and the sounds of the aliens running around the base.
Alien Breed: Tower Assault
Developer:Team17 Software LimitedCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Team17 Software LimitedCustom2:Custom9:0http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=30950&highlight=tower+assault
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Upgraded DOS4GW on ISO from 1.6 to 1.97 to prevent crash, see vogons thread. Also kept untouched ISO. A scientific outpost on a far off planet has been attacked. Nothing is known about the attackers, since all communications have been destroyed. A team of marines is dispatched to investigate and destroy the unknown invaders. As their dropships enter the atmosphere and approach the base, the defence lasers, damaged in the onslaught, move into action. They launch wild bursts of laser fire at the approaching marines, who are not prepared and take heavy losses. Rookies Nash and Jordan crash-land, and must fight off the alien force. As with the previous Alien Breed, the gameplay is viewed from above. Your soldier shoots his way through the levels, collecting keys, ammunition and credits along the way. Computers can be logged into to buy new weapons. A new 'retreat' mode allows you to fire while moving backwards. The game is largely non-linear, as most levels have multiple exits, and the game can be moved through in different ways. There is a variety of indoor and outdoor levels, although you spend most time inside some of the multi-level towers. After activating a self-destruct mechanism, you must escape the building quickly.
Alien Cabal
Developer:QASoftCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
In this 3D shooter, the player has to stop alien invasion. It all began with the near doubling of UFO sightings over the city. But the local media dismissed them as hoaxes, military tests, or overzealous UFO fanatics. They were wrong. The UFO's were real. Aliens had been visiting for some time, studying mankind and earth's resources. Now, they have finally invaded earth.
Alien Carnage (aka Halloween Harry)
Developer:Interactive Binary Illusions, SubZero SoftwareCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Apogee Software, Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0dosroot\PLATFORM\CARNAGE\README.TXT
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Freeware Alien Carnage (also known as Halloween Harry) is a follow-up to the 1985 game Halloween Harry, created for the Microbee System by John Passfield in 1985, but it has very little in common with the original game. In this side-scrolling platformer, earth is being invaded by aliens who turn humans into zombies in order to enslave them. Harry is the only saviour of earth, and he has to traverse different levels and rescue the kidnapped humans. There are many different weapons to collect, and most have a limited amount of ammo.
Alien Incident (aka Leokadian)
Developer:Housemarque Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:GameTek Deutschland GmbHCustom2:Custom9:65
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
If game crashes after playing, set 1 byte-file in AINCIDNT\GAME\SAVEGAME\GAMECRAS.FLG to 0 to bypass buggy recovery screen Alien Incident is a very traditional 2D point-and-click adventure game containing a lot of humorous Star Wars references. You play the role of a teenager called Benjamin who is visiting his uncle's house at Halloween. His uncle, a home-grown scientist, attempts to activate his latest invention, the wormhole spawner. Amazingly enough, it works and rips open a wormhole to another galaxy, transporting an alien spacecraft to Earth. The aliens kidnap your uncle and, surprisingly, your mission is to rescue him (and the world, but you knew that already).
Alien Legacy
Developer:Ybarra Productions, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Sierra On-Line, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:78
Genre:Adventure, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
In 2043, an alien probe originating from Alpha Centauri is detected in our solar system. Attempts at a peaceful first contact fail and a missile barrage is launched at Earth. Earth's ABM systems successfully destroyed all but one missile, and its sheer power of destruction prompted the world governments to invest significant effort into combating this threat from the stars. Within several years, great technological leaps were made and space travel was significantly improved upon. Battlefleets were assembled and dispatched across the vast distances of space to combat the alien menace. In 2119, fearing extinction, Earth built gigantic seedships designed as "arks" to propel people and the sum of human knowledge across the stars. One of these seedships, the UNS Calypso, is sent to Beta Caeli star system which is the farthest colony attempted yet. In 2135, a second seedship, the UNS Tantalus, is dispatched to the same destination in order to better the chances of human survival. The Tantalus is equipped with a more advanced fusion engine and thus will reach Beta Caeli some 21 years ahead of the Calypso. You are the captain of the Calypso. You've just been awakened from stasis and your ship is orbiting the most habitable planet in the system. There is no sign of the Tantalus. All you have are some 5000 colonists, past radio transmissions and a few key advisers to help you colonize this new unfamiliar solar system. The gameplay includes building and maintaining bases on alien planets and space stations, managing resources, exploring the planet, and the research of new scientific discoveries. Your success in managing your colony and the progressive, branching storyline will ultimately determine whether mankind survives, or is lost to the ages.
Alien Legacy (CD version)
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Alien Logic (Skyrealms of Jorune)
Developer:Ceridus Software, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Strategic Simulations, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:71dosroot\RPG\ALIENLOG\README.TXT
Genre:Action, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Patched to v1.1 In the 21st century, human beings have all but destroyed their home planet Earth. Surviving humans found a shelter on a planet called Jorune. A civil war errupted, humans fighting the indigenous population; eventually, peace was achieved, and the various races found a way to co-exist with each other... all except one. The Shantha, one of the most ancient and powerful races on Jorune, adepts at the magical art of Isho, were not satisfied with the shape the planet has taken. 3500 years later, one of them, known as the Red Shantha, began attacking human settlements. The hero of the game is one of the villagers who have survived Red Shantha's attack. Having found the way to master Isho, the hero must rescue his friends and explore the planet, searching for the source of evil. Alien Logic is based on the Skyrealms of Jorune role-playing system. The player takes control of one character; there is no party in the game. While there is a story to follow, much of the game is open-ended, dedicated to exploring Jorune, searching for items, precious crystals (which increase the hero's parameters), and fighting enemies. The exploration mode uses a side-scrolling perspective; the player can switch to combat mode when an enemy is nearby. Combat takes place on the same screen as exploration, and is action-based. Combat relies heavily on magic (Isho); casting spells deplete the Isho bar. Spell sequences are called dyshas, which can be offensive or defensive. Preparing dysha combinations beforehand and then using them on the enemies (by clicking on them) is an essential combat strategy.
Alien Odyssey
Developer:Argonaut Software Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Philips Interactive Media, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:73
Genre:Action, AdventureCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
You play the role of a humanoid stranded on an alien planet, who quickly becomes involved in a war between the planet's natives and the Dak, who want to invade the whole place.Your only chance to escape the planet is to help this guys thwart the invasion.The game consists of a Bioforge-like adventure (though much easier) spiced up with a series of shoot- 'em-up action sequences a la Rebel Assault (the sequences are "on rails", and the action consists in aiming and shooting down enemies).
Alien Olympics
Developer:Dark TechnologiesCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Mindscape, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Action, SportsCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
No sound config tool Alien Olympics is a wacky combination of track & field games and retro-arcade games that you play as an alien. There are 8 unique alien characters that you can choose and compete against. Each alien has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Mr. Mune (a caterpillar-like alien) has many legs enabling him be very good at shooting events but also makes it difficult for him in racing events. You can either compete against a friend by sharing the keyboard or against the computer. There are a total of 15 different events to compete in and you have the choice of tackling a selected few, or going through the whole series. You also have the option of practicing first to get the hang of things. The 15 events are: 50 Qrbit Dash (Racing) Laser Leaping (Hurdling) The Big Bounce (Long jump) Laser Skeet I (Shooting Targets) 200 Qbit Splurge (Racing) Lunge Leap Splat (Triple jump) Toxophilly (Archery) Flob Flop (Shot put) Saber Launch (Javelin throw) Survival (An arcade/pac-man-like game) Alien Hurl (Another throwing game, but your alien is now the object to be thrown by a giant robot) Laser Skeet II (Shooting Targets) Jetpack Tag (Asteroids-like game) Lizard Leap (Pole vault) Wall Jumping (High jump)
Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure
Developer:Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Dark Horse InteractiveCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Mindscape, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:60
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
You play Lt. Col. Hericksen, an ex-colonial marine who is now the commander of a three-man terraforming team. Your objective is to travel to remote outpost B54-C in order to find the cause of a distress call your vessel received. Gameplay is a point-and-click adventure with limited, inventory-based puzzles. Grid-based combat is present as well. The player is given what amounts to timed objectives throughout the game, and must uncover the truth about the mysterious outpost's history before the colony's sudden destruction. The game functions as a sequel to Dark Horse Comic's Aliens: Labyrinth, and follows up on characters and events from the end of that series.
Alien Trilogy
Developer:Probe Entertainment Ltd.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:63
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
16bit color mode has wrong aspect ratio. Thus using 256 color mode. Use the install.exe to switch between modes. Alien Trilogy is a first-person shooter based on the first three Alien movies. You control Lt. Ripley in three sections, each based on one film: The colony complex on LV426 (from Aliens), the prison planet (from Alien³) and the derelict spaceship (from Alien). Each section consists of about 10 missions. In every mission, certain goals must be accomplished to continue. These include killing a certain number of enemies, finding items or activating switches. Enemies include everything the alien life cycle provides: facehuggers, chestbursters, warrior aliens, dog aliens (from Alien³) and alien queens, one of which waits in the final mission of every section. In addition to the Aliens, you also have to fight employees of the Company, who have either been infected by the aliens and are beyond saving or who actively want to obstruct your mission. Weapons to be used include pistol, shotgun, pulse rifle, flame thrower and smart gun. Ammunition, health upgrades and other useful items are scattered throughout the levels. Hidden areas may be uncovered by using explosives like grenades and seismic charges. An auto mapping system helps in not getting lost, night goggles and shoulder lamps (running on battery power) allow you to see in the dark and the motion tracker tells you where your enemies are - but only if they are moving.
A Line in the Sand
Developer:Strategic Simulations, Inc.Custom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Strategic Simulations, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Press ENTER at the doc-check. A Line the Sand is a conversion of the board war game by TSR of the same name. It depicts a variety of conflicts in the Middle East, including the Gulf War and hypothetical conflicts involving nations like Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Gameplay is turn-based, with each side being able to deploy a variety of land, air and sea units. Each side can be played by either a human or a computer player. In addition to the basic mode, in which only military forces are used, there is also a diplomatic mode where players have to make a variety of diplomatic decisions in order to reach certain goals.
All Dogs go to Heaven
Developer:Penguin Software, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Merit SoftwareCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
No sound? Configuration only allows for soundsource soundboards. This game consists of ten arcade mini-games based on the Don Bluth animated movie with the main characters voiced by Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLouise. Charlie the dog, a good guy but a bit of a scoundrel, is bumped off by an evil 'crime lord' of a dog and ends up in heaven but yearns to go back to earth to set things right. The game starts there, if you play the story mode. Plot points from the movie are used to loosely tie the mini-games together, but you can also pick your own game. Among the different mini-games, there's a Hangman clone, a session of The Towers of Hanoi, a run around the city to try to find the girl's house, a maze-crawl through a ventilation system, and a Rat Race that pits you as a rat called Squad Car trying to win a race against three to five other rats. There are three difficulty levels to choose from.
Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse
Developer:Cyberlore Studios, Inc.Custom1:Sound CanvasCustom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Strategic Simulations, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:77dosroot\ACTION\GENIE\DOC\MANUAL.PDF
Genre:Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)Custom3:Custom10:0dosroot\ACTION\GENIE\DOC\CODES.TXT
Year:1994Custom4:Custom11a:Sound Canvasdosroot\ACTION\GENIE\README.TXT
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:dosroot\ACTION\GENIE\DOC\CLUEBOOK.PDF
Doc-check: see codes.txt. Alternate cracked version is also available This is an official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd edition computer product. Here's the introductory story the game gives you... As the youngest son of a Noble Merchant, an easy life lay before you. But the call of adventure beckoned, and so, you left your home for a life of action and danger. Sea serpents, storms and tattered sails have all proved perilous as the years passed. You've taken ships and defeated fiends, at the side of your instructor, the Master Corsair Sinbar. But your thoughts always return to Kara, the Caliph's beautiful daughter. It is for her you devote your skill and honors. And it will be her hand in marriage that will be your reward for attaining your goal of becoming a Corsair. Your adventure begins now, on the hidden isle where Sinbar tests his pupils. As the game starts, you see your character from the top-isometric viewport, and you must first prove youreself worthy by defeating all the traps placed in the testing maze. Then you will come home, awaited by your sister, and town guards, and you're ready to role your dice and step into the unknown.
Developer:Wizard GamesCustom1:Custom8:
Publisher:Wizard GamesCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
A Mind Forever Voyaging
Developer:Infocom, Inc.Custom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Infocom, Inc.Custom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
The year is 2031 and the world is near the brink of collapse. A computer project by the name PRISM is the last hope, the only catch is that you are that computer program. You just found out that you are not a person, but are in fact the world's first sentient machine. Difficulty Level: Advanced
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Developer:Westwood AssociatesCustom1:Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Monarch DevelopmentCustom2:Custom9:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
Based on the famous movie, A Nightmare of Elm Street is an action game, where you choose one of the five characters and try to free your friends from the grasp of the evil Freddy Krueger. You start on the city streets, where you have to find Freddy's house while avoiding Freddy himself. Once you're inside, you're free to explore the many floors of the house. You have to find your friends before Freddy kills them; the game shows you on which level each of your friends is and how much health he has left. Your character has two meters: a "soul" meter and a "power" meter. The "soul" is your health, and if it runs out, you die. The "power" allows you to use your special attack, different for every character. On your way, you'll meet a lot of monsters, which you can try to defeat with weapons or with your special attack. While walking around the house, you'll find many items you can pick up and use (but note that you have limited space in your inventory). Some items heal you, some are weapons and some have other uses. You'll also find batteries, bullets and coins - coins will allow you to buy various useful things, and batteries and bullets are necessary for some items to work.
A-Train & Contruction Set
Developer:Artdink CorporationCustom1:MT-32Custom8:MobyGames Rap Sheet Summary
Publisher:Ocean Software Ltd.Custom2:Custom9:0
Genre:Simulation, StrategyCustom3:Custom10:0
DOSBox:DOSBox 0.74 (0.74)Custom5:Custom12b:
You play the part of the head of a railroad company, with the aim of creating your own railroad empire, providing a successful mass transit system that will be an inspiration to the rest of the world. Another goal is to provide the impetus for your chosen city to develop. There are a number of different places to set up business each with different layouts and existing houses and businesses. The main money earners are passenger trains, that can be scheduled to pick up passengers at the times of day when the demand is high. However, in the long term you need the city to develop. This requires setting up trains that transport resources to where they are needed. These resources are used to build houses, and other buildings, increasing the number of passengers for your commuter trains. As the city develops, new businesses will spring up, such as stadiums, high rise office blocks, and ski resorts. You can also build your own businesses, the success of which will depend on the local population, the presence of competing businesses, and even the changes of the seasons, among other factors. The stock market is also another way of making money. You can also watch the seasons come and go, with snow visible in winter, and fireworks displays celebrating the new year.