DOSBox Game Launcher

A free, open-source, multi-platform frontend for DOSBox. DBGL makes setting up your DOS games a breeze, and playing them a joy.


DOSBox is a great emulator for playing your DOS games. It's feature-rich, highly compatible and easy to operate. But if you want to use it with multiple games, or want to be able to try out different DOSBox versions, things might become a bit complicated. Also, not everyone is willing to learn about using DOSBox, or how to install a game using a DOS game installer. That's when a frontend like DBGL might help out. It will get your games organized and presented such that you can have more fun actually playing them. And with the provided GamePackArchives you'll be up and running in minutes.



DBGL uses an intuitive yet powerful interface to showcase your games. Web information archives such as can be used to enrich game meta-data, while flexible filtering can help you find a particular game or selection of games.


DBGL supports all of DOSBox' official configuration options, as well as many experimental features from unofficial DOSBox versions. Many option values are configurable. PC Booter games are supported. A DOSBox version can be associated per game profile.

Game collection management

DBGL supports importing & exporting your games using so-called GamePackArchives. GUI wizards help to keep things easy and organized. Also, DBGL can import your D-Fend (Reloaded) profiles and eXoDOS games.


DBGL comes with an extensive collection of example templates to simplify setting up a game for a specific PC era or type. And you can create your own templates on which to base your profiles off.


DBGL uses relative paths so that you can use the same DBGL installation on whatever disk or directory, and even multiple operating systems. Java can be made portable as well.


DBGL is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux systems, and should be easily portable to other platforms (provided Java and SWT are available).


DBGL can be used with over 16 languages thanks to many volunteer translators.


All the information that you manage in DBGL is either stored in DOSBox .conf files, or in a single human-readable database, making data migration relatively easy and flexible.


DBGL keeps track of dialog sizes, profile list ordering, your last selected profile and much more. It also tries to assist when entering profile data by pointing out when some information is missing, by reusing directory locations, auto-completion, auto-mounting, browsing inside ISO and IMA files, etc.

Batch processing

By selecting multiple profiles to edit, DBGL will open the profiles editing dialog, highlighting the settings that differ among the profiles. You can then change, review and apply the settings as you like. Whether its changing DOSBox associations, creating desktop shortcuts or deleting profiles, its all possible in a single batch action.


DBGL is free software since 2006; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

... And more

DBGL supports setting custom environment variables to globally override certain DOSBox settings, such as dosbox_sdl_output=openglnb or sdl_video_centered=1.
DBGL can log your actions.
DBGL can export your list of games to a file, such as a plain TXT file, a basic .CSV or a fancy HTML page.


DBGL 0.98 - The latest stable release

Requirements: Java Runtime Environment version 17 or newer, 64-bit (x64)

DBGL is a Java application, and thus requires the Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your system, for it to work. The minimum Java version is 17 (x64), but using the latest Java LTS release (21) is recommended.

If you want to use DBGL with Java 11, use DBGL 0.97. DBGL version 0.95 can be used with Java 8. In case you would like to use DBGL on an older 32-bit system, use version 0.83 .

Windows Windows
For Java, download and install

DOSBox 0.74-3 is included in the package below.

Extract this zip to a directory of your liking and run launch.exe
MacOS Apple
For Java, download and install

DOSBox 0.74-3-3 is included in the package below.

Open this dmg and drag to your Apps folder

Linux Linux

To install Java and DOSBox on Debian-based systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS or Zorin OS:
sudo apt install default-jre
sudo apt install dosbox

For Fedora-based systems:
sudo dnf install java-latest-openjdk
sudo dnf install dosbox (might install DOSBox Staging)

Or use your systems' graphical package manager or software store.

Extract this tar.gz to a directory of your liking and run ./dbgl


Please find information and download links for previous DBGL versions in the table below.

In case you seem to be missing a specific Java .jar library, please check here.

Version Windows MacOS Linux Update Source Requirements Remarks
0.97 dbgl097.dmg dbgl097.tar.gz Java ≥ 11 (x64) Last version to run on Java version 11
0.96 dbgl096.dmg dbgl096.tar.gz Java ≥ 11 (x64) First version to require at least Java version 11
0.95 dbgl095.dmg dbgl095.tar.gz Java ≥ 8 (x64) Last version to run on Java version 8.
0.94 dbgl094.dmg dbgl094.tar.gz Java ≥ 8 (x64)
0.93 dbgl093.dmg dbgl093.tar.gz Java ≥ 8 (x64)
0.92 dbgl092.dmg dbgl092.tar.gz Java ≥ 8 (x64)
0.91 dbgl091.dmg dbgl091.tar.gz Java ≥ 8 (x64)
0.90 dbgl090.dmg dbgl090.tar.gz Java ≥ 8 (x64) First version to require at least Java version 8, 64-bit
0.83 dbgl083.dmg dbgl083.tar.gz dbgl083_64bit.tar.gz dbgl083_generic.tar.gz Java 7 or 8 (x86, x64) Last version to run on Java version 7, 32-bit
0.82 dbgl082.dmg dbgl082.tar.gz dbgl082_64bit.tar.gz dbgl082_generic.tar.gz Java 7 or 8 (x86, x64)
0.81 dbgl081.dmg dbgl081.tar.gz dbgl081_64bit.tar.gz dbgl081_generic.tar.gz Java 7 or 8 (x86, x64)
0.80 dbgl080.dmg dbgl080.tar.gz dbgl080_64bit.tar.gz dbgl080_generic.tar.gz Java 7 or 8 (x86, x64)
0.79 dbgl079.dmg dbgl079.tar.gz dbgl079_64bit.tar.gz dbgl079_generic.tar.gz Java 7 or 8 (x86, x64)
0.78 dbgl078.dmg dbgl078.tar.gz dbgl078_64bit.tar.gz dbgl078_generic.tar.gz Java 6, 7 or 8 (x86, x64)
0.77 dbgl077.dmg dbgl077.tar.gz dbgl077_64bit.tar.gz dbgl077_generic.tar.gz Java 6 or 7 (x86, x64)
0.76 dbgl076.dmg dbgl076.tar.gz dbgl076_64bit.tar.gz dbgl076_generic.tar.gz Java 6 or 7 (x86, x64) First version for Linux without DOSBox
0.75 dbgl075.dmg dbgl075.tar.gz dbgl075_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 or 7 (x86, x64)
0.74 dbgl074.dmg dbgl074.tar.gz dbgl074_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 or 7 (x86, x64)
0.73 dbgl073.dmg dbgl073.tar.gz dbgl073_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 or 7 (x86, x64)
0.72 dbgl072.dmg dbgl072.tar.gz dbgl072_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 or 7 (x86, x64)
0.71 dbgl071.dmg dbgl071.tar.gz dbgl071_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 (x86, x64)
0.70 dbgl070.dmg dbgl070.tar.gz dbgl070_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 (x86, x64) First version to include both 32 and 64-bit SWT libs
0.69 dbgl069_carbon.dmg dbgl069.dmg dbgl069_64bit.dmg dbgl069.tar.gz dbgl069_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 (x86, x64)
0.68 dbgl068_carbon.dmg dbgl068.dmg dbgl068_64bit.dmg dbgl068.tar.gz dbgl068_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 (x86, x64)
0.67 dbgl067_carbon.dmg dbgl067.dmg dbgl067_64bit.dmg dbgl067.tar.gz dbgl067_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 (x86, x64)
0.66 dbgl066_carbon.dmg dbgl066.dmg dbgl066_64bit.dmg dbgl066.tar.gz dbgl066_64bit.tar.gz Java 6 (x86, x64) First release using ant automated builds
0.65 dbgl065.tar.gz Java 6 (x86)
0.64 dbgl064.tar.gz Java 6 (x86)
0.63 Java 6 (x86)
0.62 Java 6 (x86)
0.61 Java 6 (x86)
0.60 dbgl060se.exe dbgl060.tar.gz Java 6 (x86) First complete Mac release, another 'Starter Edition'
0.57 dbgl057.tar.gz Java 6 (x86)
0.56 Java 6 (x86)
0.55 dbgl055se.exe dbgl055.tar.gz dbgl055_64-bit.tar.gz Java 4, 5 or 6 (x86) First Linux version with 64-bit DOSBox, first 'Starter Edition'
0.54 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.53 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.52 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.51 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.50 dbgl050.tar.gz Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.46 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.45 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.44 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.43 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.42 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.41 dbgl041.tar.gz Java 4 or 5 (x86) First complete release for Windows & Linux
0.40 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.31 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.30 Java 4 or 5 (x86)
0.20 Java 4 or 5 (x86) First release

Upgrading from an earlier version

If you want to update an existing DBGL installation, please start by making a backup of your existing DBGL data. This means copying the /profiles, /captures, /db, /export and /templates folders from DBGL to another safe location. Do not MOVE the files, just COPY them for safekeeping! Then, use the following instructions:

Windows MacOS Linux
In general Close down DBGL. Download the latest version and overwrite all existing DBGL files with the ones from the zip archive. Optional: Remove all old .jar files from the lib/ directory that are not present in the newly downloaded archive. Close down DBGL. Drag the existing DBGL App into the trashcan. Then download the latest version, open this dmg and drag to your Apps folder. Close down DBGL. Download the latest version and overwrite all existing DBGL files with the ones from the tar.gz archive. Optional: Remove all old .jar files from the lib/ directory that are not present in the newly downloaded archive.
When using DBGL < 0.92 First update to 0.92 using the general instructions above. Start up DBGL and check that it works. Close down DBGL.
Next, edit settings.conf and change the line endpoint= to endpoint=
Finally, update to the latest version using the general instructions above.
First update to 0.92 using the general instructions above. Start up DBGL and check that it works. Close down DBGL. Manually move existing data to DBGL's new default data location like so:
mkdir ~/Library/dbgl; mv /Applications/ /Applications/ /Applications/ /Applications/ /Applications/ /Applications/ /Applications/ /Applications/ ~/Library/dbgl
Next, edit ~/Library/dbgl/settings.conf and change the line endpoint= to endpoint= Finally, update to the latest version using the general instructions above.
First update to 0.92 using the general instructions above. Start up DBGL and check that it works. Close down DBGL.
Manually move existing data to DBGL's new default data location like so:
mkdir ~/.local/share/dbgl; mv ~/.dbgl/* ~/.local/share/dbgl
Next, edit ~/.local/share/dbgl/settings.conf and change the line endpoint= to endpoint=
Finally, update to the latest version using the general instructions above.

In order to kickstart your DBGL games collection, please feel free to try out the following game packages. Just download the * files, do not extract them. The game pack archives can be imported directly into DBGL using the menu: Profiles Import ...

All games come with screen captures, customized DOSBox configuration and documentation.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena
The Elder Scrolls: Arena

As provided for free by Bethesda Softworks on

11 MB
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

As provided for free by Bethesda Softworks on

174 MB
Apogee freeware Collection
Apogee freeware Collection

This is a collection of all the freeware games found on

87 MB
Apogee shareware Collection
Apogee shareware Collection

This is a collection of all the shareware games found on

50 MB
Epic MegaGames Collection
Epic MegaGames Collection

This is a collection of all the shareware and freeware Epic (Mega)Games found on

46 MB
id Software Collection
id Software Collection

This is a collection of all the shareware games from id Software found on

21 MB
PLBM Collection
PLBM Collection

This is a collection of all the freeware games from PLBM found on

9 MB
Soleau Collection
Soleau Collection

This is a collection of all the shareware games from Soleau found on

3 MB
Ancient DOS Games Collection
Ancient DOS Games Collection

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 1 to 46.

93 MB
Ancient DOS Games II
Ancient DOS Games II

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 47 to 98.

44 MB
Ancient DOS Games III
Ancient DOS Games III

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 99 to 133.

225 MB
Ancient DOS Games IV
Ancient DOS Games IV

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 134 to 176.

158 MB
Ancient DOS Games V
Ancient DOS Games V

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 177 to 258.

161 MB
Ancient DOS Games VI
Ancient DOS Games VI

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 259 to 290.

338 MB
Ancient DOS Games VII
Ancient DOS Games VII

This is a collection of games as reviewed by Kris Asick from Pixelmusement in his webshow called Ancient DOS Games, ep. 291 to 323.

157 MB
ADG logo © Pixelmusement

v0.98 (02/10/2024)

  • Added support for eXoDOS V6 and V6r2. While both the convertor and importer have been improved, using the importer has advantages; it has the ability to import the custom DOSBox versions that come with eXoDOS, creates filter tabs for Playlists and can import the Media Pack Add-On and soundfonts. Both applications now work on Mac and Linux systems as well. More details can be found in section Game collection management.
  • Added support for the IBM Music Feature Card, in the profile editor (Neville).
  • Slovakian translation update by Tomas K.
  • Implemented a workaround for strange zipfile check which prevented certain GamePackArchives from being imported on modern Java versions (charliemcd).
  • implemented another workaround for SWT bug resulting in broken artwork on Linux (LewisWoolridge).
  • Allow parent directories to be considered relative, if configured as such (red_avatar).
  • Display image dimensions in thumb dialog title (red_avatar).
  • Fixed a few crash bugs: when DOSBox dynamic options are somehow invalid (red_avatar), when editing an imgmount with fstype=none or when creating a filter with a very lengthy condition.
  • Updated multiple Java libraries, most importantly SWT which now requires Java 17 !

v0.97 (03/14/2023)

  • Fixed getting game and screenshot data from MobyGames. DBGL is now using the official public MobyGames API (dosdog, psoma).
  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting 'All' while images were still being loaded, or when loading a malformed bmp (dosdog).
  • Fixed a possible crash when using Java17 with a file location containing a space (frosty024), or when trying to open a folder that doesn't exist (dosdog).
  • Now filtering specific terms when performing a game search (Neville).
  • Updated various libraries and launch4j.
  • Added a first Mac ARM build.

v0.96 (08/10/2022)

  • Allow for a portable, minimal Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installation in the jre/ folder (Windows only). If you would like to use the minimal JRE, just download this 21MB zip and extract it into the DBGL folder. You should then be able to use DBGL without the need to install a complete Java SDK (or JRE) (RedTony).
  • Updated multiple Java libraries, most importantly SWT which now requires Java 11 !
  • Improved file linking by using file:// URLs instead of linking by file path. The previous behavior can still be used, if necessary.
  • Fixed an issue where on some systems, non-relative profile links could have been used. Any such existing links will be corrected on first startup (arobbo).
  • Fixed an issue where trying to open a profile's game folder did not work (Digitoxin).
  • Fixed an issue where cover art could sometimes be saved in .png format instead of the more suitable .jpg format (RedTony).
  • Removed 7-zip support for GamePackArchives.
  • Various minor corrections and improvements.
  • Slovakian translation update by Tomas K., Spanish update by Neville and German update by Marcel Luka.

v0.95 (12/14/2021)

  • Implemented custom conf sections for templates and profiles (bloodbat).
  • Allow all captures to be saved in a single folder (bloodbat).
  • Display warning when using non 8.3 filenames, use double quotes around booter image filenames when they contain a space (bloodbat).
  • Improved layout issue with filled text fields (GT).
  • Fixed an issue when multi-editing and changing 'scaler' or 'priority', resulting in invalid config values. Properly grey out checkboxes with conflicting values, and display the changes correctly in the wizard's confirmation step.
  • Prevent possible crash processing invalid 'scaler' or 'loadfix' settings (GT).
  • Ignore special autoexec features used by D-Fend Reloaded such as 4DOS and DOS32A when importing (dor123).
  • Fixed pouet querying regarding demo scoring.
  • German translation updated (Marcel Luka).
  • Updated some libraries. SWT is now up to 4.20, which is the last version to support Java 8.

v0.94 (08/25/2021)

  • Implemented 'Dark Mode' support for Windows users.
  • Implemented screenshot/cover-art image selection for the 'Add Game Wizard' (only when enabled in Preferences), selectable in the last step.
  • Implemented eXoDOS games importer, and made some improvements to the GamePackArchive converter.
  • Automatically restart DBGL when changing certain preferences.
  • Fixed 'conflicting values'-detection when multi-editing.
  • Fixed fetching images from
  • Prevented a few possible nullpointerexceptions when using dosbox.conf with unexpected configuration values (Peter).

v0.93 (04/23/2021)

  • Implemented Native Custom Command multi-editing (overload86).
  • Implemented Template loading as opposed to reloading (overload86).
  • Added support for DOSBox version-specific dynamic options (psoma).
  • Implemented basic 'overlay' mount support.
  • Implemented Gallery 'jump-to', fixed last launched game image being blank (Doom).
  • Major speedup when importing (multiple, very large) gamepackarchives.
  • Fixed fetching MobyGames screenshots and obtaining Pouet images from (psoma).
  • Fixed a problem opening links to files with spaces in its path; Also fixed a few 'Browse..' buttons, paths were incorrectly trimmed (Tomatko).
  • Prevent possible "null is an invalid node value" when exporting, and failure to export mapper files (overload86)
  • Fixed thumbnail height on MacOS (rfc).
  • No longer crash DBGL on DOSBox configuration mismatch, just log the problem and disable the controls (billy043).
  • Follow the XDG specification, using ~/.local/share/dbgl for data files on Linux systems, and ~/Library/dbgl on MacOS (_Rob, arobbo).
  • Added Slovakian translation by Tomas K., Polish and Spanish translation updates from ZeroX4 and Neville.
  • Updated included Mac DOSBox build to Dominus' latest (0.74-3-3).
  • Updated launch4j to 3.14 for improved JRE installation detection in launch.exe (Johnnydement and others).
  • Updated all libraries, most importantly HSQLDB (from 2.5.0 to 2.6.0). Please note that this new library does no longer support the old 1.8.x database format. If you're currently using DBGL version 0.90 or 0.91, first update to 0.92, and only then update to 0.93.

v0.92 (07/13/2020)

  • Added a first implementation of 'directory scanning for known games'. Currently, all files/games from the D-Fend Reloaded 'Auto setup templates' are recognized. You can try it out using Profiles Import known games in folder and selecting the directory to scan. After a while, it should show a dialog with the results. Simply select the entries that you want to import into the existing profiles list. Proceeding the wizard will allow you to select default DOSBox configuration settings (like machine, cycles etc) and optionally check the DBConfWS online database for game-specific configuration (when available).
  • DBGL can now query MobyGames meta-data using a local database from 'Metropolis Launcher', very quickly. Note that cover-art and screenshots are still being fetched from, though.
  • Added support for the DOSBox SVN OpenGL shader patch from ny00123 & jmarsh.
  • You may now browse through the various captured images using the left and right arrow keys, or the buttons below the image.
  • Various fixes related to MobyGames querying, especially in relation to (.gif) image data.
  • Fixed "Start profile manually with a specific DOSBox version" creating an incomplete .conf file (_Rob).
  • Fixed possible issues when using symbolic links on Linux (_Rob). Also fixed a rare file path mangling issue (Epsilon).
  • A few usability improvements, refactored more parts of the GUI code, updated translations.
  • Updated all libraries, most importantly HSQLDB (from 1.8.1 to 2.5.0).

v0.91 (02/08/2020)

  • Added support for importing multiple gamepacks in one go (mgtroyas).
  • Fixed dosbox conf canonical file location for some scenarios.
  • Fixed check for default Dosboxversion when initiating add game wizard (Luke Jensen).
  • Provide basic support for importing GoG profiles (using "mount c .." or consisting of multiple confs) (Luke Jensen).
  • Improve jre support on MacOS (Jorge).
  • Take .cue/.iso/etc into account when determining canonical game dir (pantercat).
  • Mark games for export with path containing pathseparator (Neville).
  • Support a few more booter extensions (Neville).
  • Properly update profiles and templates list on dosboxversion update.

v0.90 & v0.83 (07/06/2019)

  • Added support for both DOSBox 0.74-2 and 0.74-3; The Windows and MacOS builds now come with DOSBox 0.74-3.
  • Fixed getting game and screenshot data from MobyGames.
  • Removed TheGamesDB as a web data source (for the moment); their legacy API was recently taken down, and using their new API will require some work.
  • Fixed sorting on column custom11..14 and exporting the data in those columns (hoarder).
  • 0.90 is a major update! It's a partial rewrite of DBGL in an effort to make it more robust and future-proof. 32-bit Java support was dropped, and it requires Java 8 or newer to run. Furthermore, some usability improvements got implemented, such as that DBGL will now display a list of all your changes when multi-editing profiles. Also, translation files can now be written directly in UTF-8 without the need for unicode/native2ascii. That being said, most of DBGL's user interface has remained the same.
  • 0.90 also features improved database connection management which might prevent lockups when the database-file is temporarily unavailable (jtalbot).
  • 0.90 adds more experimental DOSBox options: fullborderless, glfullsync, fmstrength, xsensitivity/ysensitivity, circularinput and deadzone. Added mame for oplemu and emsboard+emm386 for ems. Removed collapsemode (Ant_222) and fixed [midi]mt32.reverse.stereo, mt32.verbose, mt32.thread to use true/false instead of on/off.
  • 0.90 features an option to override the default executable file for a DOSBox version, for example when using DOSBox-debug builds (RyanFialcowitz).
  • 0.90 will store user-generated content in the ~/.dbgl folder by default on Linux environments. If you want, you can still have the old behaviour (storing all data inside the dbgl folder itself) by editing the dbgl shell script, please see this.

v0.82 (10/25/2017)

  • Implemented basic support for Yesterplay80's DOSBox ECE. This means support for the latest integrated Munt configuration settings, Ant_222's experimental Pixel-perfect tweaks, the Voodoo patch and the most important FluidSynth switches.
  • For those who do intend to use DOSBox ECE with DBGL, make sure to add the following values in the "Dynamic options" (File Preferences Dynamic options):
  • Fixed regression in Mac build (since 0.80d) related to line breaks causing the dbgl startup shell script to malfunction (victoria).
  • Added option in AddGameWizard to create a unique mapper file for the new game (jjh76).
  • Pressing the [*] button next to the mapperfile field in the profile editing dialog will also use a unique mapperfile for the profile. It is even possible to use this feature in a template, so that when the template is used for a profile, a unique mapperfile is used in the profile.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load a corrupt .gif file (Neville).

v0.81 (01/31/2017)

  • Added 4 new custom text-fields for profiles (RetroFAN).
  • Always scale thumb to max dimensions fitting in the clientarea (display resolution), and auto center thumb dialog.
  • Altered language dropdown in preferences dialog to also show the native language names.
  • Show program version in about dialog (Giorgos).
  • Added new XSL for profile-list export to HTML5 using a Vogons theme.
  • Fix for setting 'fullresolution=desktop'; In some cases the 'fullresolution' dropdown in DBGL would not allow selection of the value 'desktop' (Jan-Peter).
  • Fix for thumb/file order on Windows platform (marquisor).
  • Fixed rare crash-bug when deleting thumb images (Neville).
  • More accurately determine linux desktop folder for shortcuts (Giorgos).
  • Fixed CSV profiles-list export column names (proper casing and proper custom labels).
  • Fixed MobyGames profile reader for "Bong Bong" (no developer, no developer link in Credits section and no closing [add credits] link).
  • Removed support for searching now that the website is offline.
  • Spanish translation update from Neville, French translation update by max buttjer.
  • Updated SWT libs to, Jersey to 2.25.1, CommonsIO to 2.5, CommonsLang to 3.5 and JUnit to 4.12.

v0.80 (11/27/2015)

  • Added basic event logging and a new dialog (File Log...) to view DBGL's log (history), sort it, filter it (right-click on a table field), enable or disable it, or clear the log.
  • Implemented basic statistics for profiles, DOSBox versions and templates such as creation time, number of starts, etc.
  • Fixed grabbing screenshots and cover-art from MobyGames.
  • Many improvements for Linux and Mac users; Implemented alternative DOSBox startup mode for both platforms which should help when using for example YkhWong's DOSBox builds (Lewis). Also fixed the automatic creation of dosbox.conf for a newly added DOSBox version (Jan Baumann) and improved the logic for opening the associated application upon clicking a link.
  • A workaround on Mac systems where browsing for the DOSBox executable inside a wasn't very user-friendly. Now you should be able to simply point to your (Jan Baumann).
  • A few improvements for the Add Game Wizard: Allow for choosing the DOSBox version in the wizard when installing a game from source media, and fixed a weird error message when using CD cue+bin images located in the dosroot folder or below.
  • Some minor GUI improvements here and there such as button sizes for high-dpi systems.
  • Major cleanup of source code layout and the translation files. Updated SWT to 4.5.1 and commons-lang to 3.4.

v0.79 (03/08/2015)

  • Implemented DOSBox configuration sharing - share your DOSBox configurations with the community. A small database and HTTP RESTful service allows for submission and retrieval of configurations. The submissions are moderated by hand for the coming time. Once accepted, your submitted configurations become available to other DBGL users so that they can use them for setting up their game configuration. If you're a developer and are interested in using this public RESTful service, please contact me via Vogons or e-mail.
  • Added support for the -fs and -size parameters when using the DOSBOx imgmount command. If you'd like to use the hdd image-mounting feature using an existing DBGL installation, you need to make a manual change in settings.conf. Please find the line for imgmount_type (around line 278) and add hdd, like so: imgmount_type=iso floppy hdd
  • Added support for booting from a specific drive letter (for example 'boot hdd.img -l C').
  • Fixed a regression (since version 0.75c) when using multiple booter images, on opening of the profile-editing dialog only the first image-file would be filled in.
  • Refactored and improved boot/mount/imgmount command parsing.
  • Improved opening links associated with a profile so that the correct external application is used (Jan Larres).
  • Fixed importing GamePackArchives with very specific files on Windows systems (Neville).
  • Fixed a couple of rare crash-issues, various minor interface improvements.
  • Added a Greek translation by BraiNKilleR, a Slovenian translation from R33D3M33R, a Finnish translation from Joona Murtovaara and a Portugese-Brazillian translation by Odmar Miranda. Some translation improvements for Spanish and Polish done by Neville and ZeroX4.
  • Upped the system requirements from Java 1.5 to Java 1.7.
  • Updated launch4j, commons-io, commons-lang and Junit. A jersey-2.13 lib was added and SWT was updated to 4.4.2. On Linux systems, GTK2 is used in favor of GTK3, for the moment.

v0.78 (04/12/2014)

  • Fixed information querying, added support for querying
  • Multiple smaller GUI-related improvements; a fix which should properly remove a Gallery's tooltip on deactivation of the main shell, properly update main Gallery image after returning from a DOSBox session when the DBGL thumbs pane is not showing, flush cached image data when removing a thumb, so that when a new image is captured inside DOSBox, the Gallery will show the new one (instead of the old, removed one), a fix to prevent very large images from extending way beyond the edges of the screen.
  • Added 'open captures folder' to profiles list context menu. (Baldy_Old_Fart)
  • When using the "Confs In game directory" mode, the relative captures folder inside the profile's .conf was broken for DOSBox versions after 0.72. This has been fixed. (Baldy_Old_Fart)
  • A fix to prevent saving .conf files in DBGL's main directory (when in "Confs In game directory" mode) whenever the profile's main game directory cannot be determined (incomplete [autoexec] section).
  • An improvement to prevent changes to .confs when switching the associated DOSBox version in multi-edit-mode - some combo lists could get set to 'altered' while their value was not actually changed.
  • Allow D-Fend (Reloaded) import on systems other than Windows as well. (krull1981)
  • Added Arabic translation from Mohammed.
  • Implemented some resource bundle pre-processing to remove duplicate translations, and no longer include extended debug information inside main jar to reduce package size.
  • updated launch4j to 3.3

v0.77 (10/14/2013)

  • Fixed, and information querying (as all sites were altered recently, DBGL was unable to parse their search-results).
  • Redefined the entire default templates list, and provided the possibility to add the new list to an existing DBGL installation (Templates Import default templates). PLEASE NOTE that a new file is required for this to work. Simply put default.xml in your DBGL templates directory. The new list was made using Trixter's TOPBench to more accurately match the speed of a particular system, and contains all kinds of specific machine configurations that could be useful.
  • Implemented (rather basic) D-Fend Reloaded DOSBox profiles import. Currently, profile meta-data, links and captures are imported. You can find the feature in the main menu (Profiles Import D-Fend (Reloaded) profiles); Please note that after importing the data, I would strongly recommend to also migrate the imported profiles (Profiles Migrate profiles). This action will adjust all absolute file and link locations to use relative locations instead. After the migration, you can simply move all game data to DBGL's [dosroot] folder, and you're done (Dark_Oppressor).
  • Revamped and restyled the main menu somewhat, and fixed some bindings on OSX such as for 'Preferences' and 'About'.
  • More improvements for the OSX build: Fixed possible dead-lock when quitting (main DBGL dialog would close but the application remained active in dock), fixed DBGL version info (IIGS_User), and altered shortcut keys to use the standard modifier CMD instead of CTRL.
  • Implemented template duplication and .conf viewing by using the mouse right-click context menu, and moved dosbox .conf editing from the editing dialog to the context menu.
  • Implemented drag-'n-drop support for confs, gpas, etc.; simply drag these files onto the profiles list to open them.
  • Added assistance in creating a profiles filter; by selecting one (or more) category value(s) in the tree on the right side of the filter creation dialog (as shown in the image on the right) you can make them required. Adjusting the tree selection(s) will instantly update the filter condition, and consequently the 'Result' text-field. Note that some values can be expanded one more level deeper, in which the individual words that make up the value can be selected. For example, the value 'Action, Adventure' in the category 'Genre' will have the subitems 'Action' and 'Adventure'. Selecting one of these items will create a 'Genre LIKE %' subcondition, as to filter on any genre with the substring 'Action' or 'Adventure' in it.
  • Implemented a (crude) DOSBox installation detection function to help defining an initial DOSBox version when no DOSBox version is included in the DBGL package (such as in Linux packages). Should work on Windows (%programfiles%), OSX (/Applications) and Linux (/usr/bin), but it only detects DOSBox version 0.74 as of now.
  • Allow for proper cancellation of a multi-edit dialog (correctly stopping threads) so that the the profiles list is correctly updated and no exceptions do occur.
  • Implemented workaround for (rare) crash-bug in Gallery, see
  • Added box-sized tiles in gallery view mode, and made the background color changeable (for now just by hand editing settings.config ([gui] gallerybackgroundcolor=r g b, for example gallerybackgroundcolor=215 215 215).
  • Included a Spanish translation update from Neville, and a completed Polish one from ZeroX4.
  • Updated Launch4j to 3.1.0-beta2, SWT to v4.3 and Gallery to v0.6.0 .

v0.76 (06/16/2013)

  • Implemented "Gallery View" mode; instead of using a table to browse through your profiles, DBGL can now display the profiles as icons (in 3 different sizes; small, medium, large) as well. This was implemented using the Nebula Gallery SWT Widget which allows for nice custom styling and good performance. It supports multi-select, and should thus behave mostly the same as the regular 'Table View' mode. Hovering over a profile-icon will display the extra information about the profile that is normally shown in the table columns.
    PLEASE NOTE: You will need the new gallery-0.5.3.jar file if you want to upgrade an existing DBGL installation!
  • Some interface improvements; implemented showing/hiding of profile screenshots and notes (Neville), made web-search results table sortable by clicking on columns (kolano), and optimized thumbnail caching somewhat.
  • Fixed crashbug when trying to import GamePackArchive containing native commands, but with at least 1 profile without actual native commands. (Neville)
  • Implemented data dir redirect in case of set env. variable ( or or read-only DBGL dir. All DBGL data is written to %LOCALAPPDATA%/DBGL (on Windows) or ~/.dbgl (on Linux and OSX) in that case. Also, if no dosbox version is included in the DBGL folder, then no default dosbox version and templates are generated on first startup. Also, a generic Linux ANT target (without pre-compiled DOSBox and templates) was added. All these changes should provide for easier inclusion in Linux Repositories such as AUR (dostux) , and makes it possible to put DBGL in a read-only folder such as [c:\program files\dbgl]. Please note that for this to be implemented, I had to make the database folder relative to the data folder (thus no longer relative to the main DBGL folder).
  • Implemented a workaround for a potential DBGL startup problem regarding SWT not being able to write its dll files to a specific directory below user.home, by redirecting that location to DBGL's lib directory, instead. (Jurjen Bakker)
  • Added support for the DOS "loadhigh" command.
  • Improved custom autoexec parsing.
  • Fixed a minor regression regarding changing a custom column's name. (kolano)
  • Added (partial) Polish translation from ZeroX4, and updated the Italian (code120), French (Max Buttjer) and Korean (ykhwong) translations.
  • Updated SWT to 4.2.2

v0.75 (01/23/2013)

  • Added support for custom autoexec commands so you can add arbitrary DOS commands at various stages during executing of DOSBox' autoexec section.
  • Added support for binding OS-native/external commands to profiles and templates. Native commands can also be exported and imported using the appropriate wizard. (gbbbs and others)
  • Added support for all the latest (ykhwong/Daum, h-a-l-9000, Gulikoza) experimental DOSBox builds using settings such as char9, cgasnow, ps1audio, innova, printer, ne2000, etc. etc. Removed a few legacy settings such as mt32rate and timesynch. (leileilol)
  • Optimized DBGL startup speed by delaying determination of the canonical dir for captures when rendering the image-column, and somewhat improved caching of the images. (mgtroyas)
  • Implemented column image stretching, with or without respecting the original aspect ratio. The options are available in the settings dialog. (mgtroyas)
  • Preserve profile table column order after revising displayed columns / column names. (kolano)
  • Show 'all applicable files' when possible (exe/installer/cd) when browsing for a file, so that you don't have to choose a certain type in advance. (kolano)
  • Read the contents of the dosroot/shaders dir to fill the shaders dropdown, if available. (kolano)
  • Multiple fixes in the Add Game Wizard; fix imgmount path for CD images that got moved after game installation, also move accompanying .bin file for each moved .cue file, improved main exe file detection by ignoring file extensions, fixed a few crash-bugs.
  • Multiple fixes related to browsing ISO and CUE/BIN files which could lead to the directory structure not being read correctly (Neville, kolano)
  • A couple of improvements when querying game info; get the author info from MobyGames' Credits section if necessary, optionally get MobyGames cover-art images from 'all regions' and fixed obtaining descriptions from HOTUD, so that paragraphs are correctly separated. (kolano, Neville)
  • Fixed a problem when trying to boot an .IMA file; DBGL would autocreate the mounts but upon saving did not accept them. (Neville)
  • English, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch translation updates, fixed some typos.
  • The SWT library was updated to 4.2.1

v0.74 (08/29/2012)

  • New feature: 'Add Game Wizard'. This dialog wizard allows a user to easily add a game to the list, or even install a game in DOSBox from its source media by going through a series of steps.
  • Implemented 'Start manually' (right-click menu), meaning that the profile will startup DOSBox as usual and the mounts and DOSBox settings are all activated, except that the actual game executable is not called. This might allow for easier problem shooting, game patching, etc.
  • Added 'Home of the Underdogs' ( information querying. (Neville)
  • Supporting tilde (~) in the game's main file location to provide (limited) support for long directory names using the FOLDER~1 notation. Nonetheless, using only 8.3 style directory names below the DOSROOT remains very much recommended. (Fruity)
  • Added 'About' dialog and altered settings dialog layout a bit. Made filters more accessible by adding them to the main menu.
  • Implemented floppy disk .IMA mounting and browsing.
  • Added a Swedish translation from Martin Gustafsson and a French translation from Steven Marguet.
  • Adding support for 7-zip gamepackarchive importing (LZMA compression only). Exporting to 7-zip is not supported at the moment. So, if you want to save space, you can recompress your existing gamepackarchives to 7-zip. (code120)
  • Automatically set correct mount type (floppy or cdrom) when mounting a floppy or CD-Rom drive.
  • Searchengine title lookup is now using Levenshtein Distance for improved pre-selection.
  • DBGL now shows a warning message when loading a different DOSBox version and conflicting base mounts are used (when multiediting). (leileilol)
  • Added a configuration setting to grab all cover art images from MobyGames if wanted by setting 'force_all_regions_coverart=true' (under the [mobygames] section) in settings.conf. (gbbbs)
  • Renamed column 'DB Title' to 'DOSBox Title'. (kolano&rfc)
  • Fixed the default loadfix_value (now 64 instead of 0).
  • Some code refactoring, adding support for JDK7, Ant1.8 and a possible future HSQLDB upgrade. Some language updates.
  • Updated some libraries (SWT, Commons-Lang and JUnit), added Commons-IO.

v0.73 (05/26/2011)

  • Added 4 additional link fields, and 2 alternative executable fields. Simply right-click on a profile to run a profile using any of the alternative executables. (RetroFAN)
  • Implemented keymapper-file export/import. (code120)
  • Now using a really nice DBGL icon for all platforms made by VR. (Sandy)
  • Added support for empty write locations for PhysFS mounts (so that it writes to the captures folder). (Phil)
  • Implemented proper connection timeout when using websearch without internet connection. (kolano)
  • Many minor improvements to the user-interface; added a tooltip for the active filter-tab which shows the number of profiles in the list (code120), if no mount is selected, but there is just one, DBGL will use that for the grabber, the notes field in the profile editor now uses the configurable (monospaced) font, added all/none image-selection buttons in the profile editor (RetroFAN), now providing an option to remove the profile-specific keymapper-file upon profile removal, fine-tuning of some default dialog sizes for Linux systems, etc.
  • Fixed background colors of specific animated web images from Pouet. Also added support for importing those files (they are now imported as individual screenshots), and fixed an issue with character encoding when importing information. (kolano)
  • Fixed a regression in the D-Fend importer (some fields were not being imported since 0.69c)
  • Fixed an issue which could cause config settings for another DOSBox generation in some .conf files, when multi-editing profiles with multiple DOSBox versions, without setting a new one.
  • Fixed a config parsing problem with profiles having a .com as the main executable, and an .exe as its parameter. (leileilol)
  • Fixed 2 issues related to the importer: one could cause booter games to fail to start (disk img2 and img3 were incorrectly set), and the other which caused game directories to be created when importing only profiles (thus without game files).
  • Added support for locale variants, and added Lord Rius' "Español (Capitalizado)" variant. The Italian translation was updated by code120.
  • SWT updated to 3.6.2

v0.72 (02/10/2011)

  • Added support for Pouë demo information querying (Kolano).
  • Added support for configurable dosbox.conf locations (collector).
  • Using a monospaced Courier font (as a default) for the Notes field to support outlining in profile descriptions. This font is configurable; 'Terminal' might be nice for ASCII art. (Neville).
  • Added 'forced scaler' support (leileilol, Qbix).
  • Added launch.exe (launch4j Java wrapper) for Windows package to simplify starting up DBGL (Neville).
  • Keep main exe, params, etc when loading a template (regression since 0.69c).
  • Make an imported game's conf file location relative to the data folder (regression since 0.69c).
  • Fixed a dialog resize bug when undoing a MobyGames search request.
  • Using database transactions to prevent invalid profile entries from being created in rare cases (which could cause crashes as reported by Bzzz).
  • Startup database scan to remove invalid profile entries, if necessary (Bzzz).
  • Error-handling improvements, improved logging (Bzzz).
  • Spanish translation update from Neville.

v0.71 (12/13/2010)

  • Implemented MobyGames image querying (requested by many).
  • Auto filter creation when using multi-select; the newly created filter will store the currently selected profiles.
  • Fixed a crash-bug when 'switching' or 'setting' a DOSBox version when multi-editing profiles with mixed DOSBox associations (Ken).
  • Fixed 'machine' setting when multi-editing profiles with mixed DOSBox associations (prevents "machine=" in .conf).
  • Fixed dbgl shell script for OpenSuse systems (Armin).
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks.

v0.70 (10/11/2010)

  • Highly improved multi-profile-editing; selecting multiple profiles to edit will open the profiles editing dialog as usual, showing the common settings or greyed-out settings that differ among the profiles. You can then change the settings as you like (as you would normally do with a single profile) and the changes will be marked with a red label. After pressing OK a new dialog will pop up to allow you to cancel the changes, or actually alter all selected profiles.
  • Added the possibility to 'switch' to another DOSBox version in order to change a profile's DOSBox association such that only the differences from the default configuration would be taken into account.
  • From now on, DBGL ships with both the 32 and 64-Bit SWT libraries. Depending on the Java version installed, the application will dynamically load the appropriate lib. This reduces complexity for the end-user (the amount of DBGL packages to choose from) and allows one to have different Java installations on the same machine without problems.
  • Implemented multiprofile deletion.
  • Implemented 3rd booter image (Neville).
  • Implemented desktop shortcut creation for Linux (KDE and Gnome).
  • Implemented mixer volume helper dialog (leileilol).
  • Added preliminary support for the new ems settings "emsboard" and "emm386".
  • Fixed case-sensitive Mac filesystem problems (Vynce).
  • Fixed nullpointer-exception in the filter editing dialog (code120).
  • Fixed undo MobyGames prefilling for custom9 field.
  • Major speedup on loading gamepackarchive information for archives containing many profiles.
  • Added Korean translation from Tae-woong, updates to the Italian (code120) and Spanish (Neville) translations.
  • Tweaked template values a bit.
  • Hsqldb updated to and SWT to 3.6.1

v0.69 (05/12/2010)

  • Full support for DOSBox 0.74!
  • Fixing an issue with exporting/importing directory structures containing empty folders. Unfortunately, the Daggerfall gamepackarchive was affected by this; it was missing some SAVE folders, resulting in a game crash when trying to save a game in progress. With the updated gamepackarchive, this problem should no longer occur.
  • Fixing a race condition issue in the importer that (in particular conditions) could result in invalid profile data in the database.
  • Some other minor stability improvements to the import process, and providing more accurate progress indication.

v0.68 (03/21/2010)

  • Profile/Game Export: Just select the profiles that you want to export in the list, choose File Export in the menu and go through the wizard to export your profile(s) or game(s). Please note that there are certain restrictions (currently) when exporting complete games; For one, they have to reside in a directory below the dosroot. The result is a plain zip file, optionally containing captures. In the root of this archive is a special file called profiles.xml which contains all the meta-data for the game(s) inside the package.
  • Profile/Game Import: Click File Import in the menu, and select a package (* to import. You will once again enter a wizard that leads you through the steps. Review package information, select the profiles or games that you want to import and off you go!
  • Implemented 'view configuration file'; right-click on a profile and choose View Configuration file (Avatar_58).
  • Set focus on profiles list and update screenshots when the DBGL window gets into focus again (after a game).
  • Added the possibility to display the associated DOSBox version _title_ for a profile (MiniMax).
  • Added multi profile shortcut creation, and keep multi-selection on tab switching.
  • Small improvements for the MobyGames browser dialog: preselect a game in the list when an exact title match is found. When MobyGames querying is performed in multi-edit mode and multiple results are returned, DBGL treats an exact title match as a 'successful' search.
  • Implemented keyboardlayout as combobox (robertmo).
  • Keep existing mounts when reloading a template (working as explained here) (red_avatar)
  • Minor additions to the .csv and .html profile list exporting.
  • Fixed column ordering and thumbnail sorting on Linux so that it behaves like Windows and Mac, and fixed screenshot column centering on OSX.
  • Fix error message when using SendTo and added support for GamePackArchives (leileilol).
  • Updated commons-lang (2.5), SWT (3.5.2) and HSQLDB (1.8.12) libraries.

v0.67 (11/23/2009)

  • DBGL is now using the new MobyGames search functionality; unfortunately without publisher information since MG does not include it in the search-results anymore (for the moment).
  • Added support for setting custom environment variables to globally override certain DOSBox/SDL settings (as explained by Qbix over here). You can configure this in the settings dialog.
  • Filter tabs; you can now add a filter to the profiles list by using CTRL-F. This creates an inner tab in the profiles list showing a certain sub-selection of your profiles. Double clicking on a tab allows one to edit it.
    The default behavior is to filter on game title, but more advanced filtering is also possible. For that you'll have to write a sql 'where clause' in the filter's condition field. Some examples:
    • To show all your favorite games: GAM.FAVORITE=true
    • To show all profiles with the first custom field filled in with MT-32: CUST1.VALUE='MT-32'
    • To show the oldies: YR.YEAR < 1984
    • To show all profiles with the text 'keys' in its notes and that have a setup: UPPER(GAM.NOTES) LIKE '%KEYS%' AND GAM.SETUP=true
    • To display all profiles with apogee as developer or publisher: UPPER(DEV.NAME) LIKE '%APOGEE%' OR UPPER(PUBL.NAME) LIKE '%APOGEE%'
    Note that it is currently not yet possible to filter on DOSBox configuration settings. If you need help to write a certain filter condition, take a look at the database structure in, or ask at Vogons.
  • Support for DOSBox builds using curses on Windows, such as the debugging builds and H-A-L-9000's MB5 (those builds wouldn't start correctly, complaining about "LINES value must be >= 2 and <= 2: got 1. initscr(): LINES=1 COLS=1: too small.")
  • Added support for 'grport' and 'lfb' Glide options (for Gulikoza's DOSBox build)
  • Made an improvement such that all file paths automatically use the correct directory separator for the current platform, which makes using the DBGL database on different platforms easier (leileilol).
  • Improvements to the German translation (Stefan).
  • Updated SWT libraries for all platforms to the latest stable release (3.5.1).

v0.66 (09/27/2009)

  • Very easy migration to DOSBox 0.73: You can now select multiple profiles (shift, ctrl, ctrl-a) at once and change the associated DOSBox version in one go.
  • MobyGames querying! Thanks to some code from Manuel J. Gallego, DBGL can now contact MobyGames to receive game information by the profile's title. When multiple matches are found, DBGL will display a popup screen in which you may select the correct game. Even when editing multiple games at once, MobyGames consulting can be performed.
    An extra library file is required for this functionality. So, for existing DBGL installations, instead of just updating dbgl.jar, you will also require this file to be stored in the dbgl/lib folder.
  • Many updates to the user interface with optional icons and more toolbar buttons. Game screenshots can be shown in a column in the profiles table and default window sizes are adjusted to make sure everything inside is visible on all supported operating systems.
  • Implemented tooltips for all DOSBox settings. Descriptions were more or less taken straight from dosbox.conf (drsassafras).
  • Refactored Windows desktop shortcut creation, effectively fixing this on 64-bit JVMs. JShortcut was dropped in favour of CScript (WindowsXP and up).
  • Many Mac improvements, such as dialog layout fixes and button size corrections. The menu bar now shows the correct application name (drsassafras). Added a Carbon OSX package for OSX 10.4 (Tiger) environments.
  • Added support for other screenshot image filetypes: ".gif", ".jpg", ".tif", ".tiff", ".ico" and ".bmp" are possible (retrofan).
  • Implemented the possibility to run a template.
  • Fixed a major bug where dosbox.conf drive mounts were not correctly being used when running a game's setup (Ronald S.).
  • Worked around incorrect SWT behavior where text fields in the profile editing screen could become very small, depending on the text in other fields (code120).
  • Made profile title sorting case-insensitive (RetroFAN).
  • Added a Russian translation from Oleg and an Italian translation from code120.
  • Automated the build-process; anyone should be able to build DBGL now by just downloading the (somewhat large) src package and running ant. The big advantage for the end-user is that I will be able to provide packages for all the various platforms simultaneously in the future.
  • Updated libraries for all platforms to the latest stable releases (SWT 3.5 and HSQLDB

v0.65 (05/27/2009)

  • Full support for DOSBox 0.73! All the new configuration options are available (machine, cputype, oplemu, ioctl, etc.) and DBGL can properly transfer your profile settings from an older DOSBox release to the latest version (and vice versa).
  • German (Stefan) and Danish (MiniMax) translations were added, improvements to the Chinese translation (ClarkH).
  • Multiple improvements to ISO and 7-zip file browsing. What's more, browsing inside an cue/bin-pair is also possible now!
  • Improvements to default dialog layout and size, especially for Linux environments. Dialog sizes are also remembered across sessions (Markus)
  • Screenshot-buttons are displayed with a correct aspect ratio (code120).
  • Moved mixer command after mounts to be able to set cdaudio volume.
  • Right-click on a profile to quickly open the game folder (code120).
  • You may use custom titles for your profile links (red_avatar).
  • Fixed buggy log text screen updates while importing from D-Fend or migrating profiles.

v0.64 (2009-1-5)

  • Implemented multi-language support; For the moment, English, Chinese(yzchang), Dutch and Spanish(Neville) translations are completed. You can find the language selection in the 'Settings' dialog.
  • Added the possibility to browse inside ISO archives; In the profile editor, simply select the .iso file that contains your game and the executable inside that .iso. DBGL will take care of proper mounting. Many thanks to the people behind Loopy and Apache Commons VFS (skardavnelnate).
  • Added IPXNET command support (Metron4).
  • Also new is the possibility to export your game-list to another file, such as a plain TXT file, a basic .CSV or a fancy HTML page. If you know how to write xsl files, feel free to create your own export formats. When you put them in the xsl folder, they'll show up in DBGL.
  • Added a menu option to clean un-used autocomplete entries for developers, publishers, etc. to reduce database size (skardavnelnate).
  • Fixed a regression (since 0.63) in profile duplication; mounting settings got lost in the newly created profile.
  • Updated the SWT and HSQLDB libraries.

v0.63 (2008-9-2)

  • Implemented compatibility with the new DOSBox CVS configuration options such as cputype. When using a new DOSBox build, the new machine definitions are available and 'fixed' is automatically prefixed to the cycles configuration setting when applicable.
  • Rewrote dosbox.conf drive-mounting support. This updated version should correctly handle drive mountings defined in dosbox.conf so that both templates and game profiles work correctly. DBGL can even unmount the mounts (mount -u driveletter) using the 'remove' button in the mounting tab. Only mounting information is transferred into a template or profile, so the main.exe, parameters etc. should remain unaffected (Kamichu22, cyberaxe, Devcon).
  • Added support for running and/or with custom settings before starting a game. These settings are not only available for a profile but also for a template (flamepanther).
  • Improvements to the mount dialog; -usecd, -aspi and -noioctl are now supported and logic was added to only enable controls that are relevant to the currently selected mount type (flamepanther).
  • Small improvements to DOSBox version-switching; joystick, soundblaster, gus and machine settings are transferred transparently from one version to the other.
  • Fix an IndexOutOfBoundsException on Mac operating systems when mounting CD images (David, Elothan).
  • When copying captures on profile-duplication, files keep their last-modification timestamps (MiniMax).
  • Configuration files now use system-dependent text format (MiniMax).
  • Minor change to opening an URL when clicking on a link in Windows (Markus).
  • Some tuning of the (default) available configurations options.
  • Rebuilt the template and profile editing windows to reduce code duplication and make maintenance easier. Lots of refactoring of the DBGL core was carried out in order to reduce complexity and the PMD violations count.

v0.62 (2008-1-22)

  • Fixed using '~' in data/dosbox/database location for Linux (Qbix).
  • Fixed regression since 0.60 where the write 'browse' button in the mounting dialog browsed to a file instead of a directory (transitionality).
  • Fixed relative .conf files storage location in a game's directory (kamichu22).
  • Made 'Send To' also use relative paths if possible.
  • Thumbs can now be resized, and the latest selected profile is reselected at the start of a new session (rfc).
  • Improvements to database management, no longer requires db/empty files, database is automatically created if necessary (Qbix).
  • Some internal changes towards game import/export.

v0.61 (2007-9-24)

  • Fixed a regression on Windows for crashing 'Send To' functionality (Christoph).
  • Fixed custom column titles casing. This will also prevent a custom data/dosbox dir from being converted to lowercase (Pan).
  • Allow '~' in data/dosbox directory (Qbix).
  • Don't redraw and scroll the profiles list after editing a profile if the order of the list wasn't changed.
  • Small usability improvements for mounting points; you can doubleclick on the list to add or edit an entry, and the cursor focus is set correctly in the mounting dialog. The dosroot (.) is now being used as the default mounting location.
  • Some refactoring (Qbix).

v0.60 (2007-8-27)

  • Should fully support DOSBox 0.72!
  • Shiny new OS X package made available by PinguTux!
  • Relative paths! The ability to freely move DBGL and/or your games directories around without the need for reconfiguration! Read more about this over here
  • More relative paths! A new 'migrate profiles'-dialog is available to relocate your DBGL games to the new dosroot. That is, all stored path information in DBGL is relocated. You will have to move your games files yourself, afterwards.
  • The database-connection is now configurable in Settings.conf, so it should be possible to connect to a remote profile database! (not tested as of yet)
  • Thumbs are now displayed using anti-aliasing, and you can open the containing folder by right-clicking them.
  • Likewise, there is an 'open folder' menu entry for dosbox versions, too.
  • SWT (GUI library) was updated to 3.3
  • Lots and lots of code refactoring.

v0.57 (2007-6-23)

  • Improved support for (7-)zip files by adding a browse dialog for selecting files inside an archive (implemented using J7zip). Automount for zipfiles was also corrected.
  • Implemented support for configuration options containing spaces, such as "cycles=max 80%".
  • Added support for the -freesize option for mounting points (Andrew, Aisyk).
  • When duplicating a profile, made it possible to also duplicate captures (red_avatar).
  • Renamed dbgl.bat to dbgl.cmd (MiniMax), some code refactoring.

v0.56 (2007-4-01)

  • Added 10 new custom fields, 8 of them strings, one numeric value and one field for percentages. Four of those stringfields are combo boxes, the others are plain textfields. Two new Link fields have also been added, together with browse buttons for linking local filesystem stuff. Hovering over the links shows a tooltip now. The settings dialog was changed to allow editing of the labels of these new custom fields. (Dosfreak, red_avatar, etc.)
  • Added support for PhysFS 7-zip file mounting (Ykhwong or Gulikoza builds only).
  • Improved DOSBox version toggling in template- and profile-editing dialogs by adding a new 'Set' button. This associates the template or profile with the given DOSBox version without the need to reload/reset its configuration settings.
  • Improved handling of I/O problems when loading configuration files (MiniMax).
  • Some code refactoring.

v0.55 (2007-3-05)

  • Should fully support DOSBox 0.70!
  • Be sure to check out the `Starter Edition` which contains DBGL, DOSBox 0.70 and a small amount of awesome DOS oldies! A great way to get familiar with DBGL & DOSBox, and to get introduced to an era of game classics!
  • Added joystick buttonwrapping support.
  • Added support for Java 1.6 (MiniMax)
  • Implemented 'Run/Setup with...' right-click popup menu to test a game with another DOSBox version without changing its profile.
  • Fixed a regression on Linux platforms resulting in an extra nonsense mount command.
  • Updated Linux package to also include the latest released SWT lib and DOSBox 0.70

v0.54 (2007-1-23)

  • Implemented support for the new joystick configuration options such as 'timed mode', as introduced in DOSBox CVS on Jan. 9th. NOTE: Do not use these options with any of the DOSBox 0.66 beta builds, it will not work correctly. If you really need to use those beta builds, stick with DBGL 0.53.
  • Added keyboardlayout support (another new DOSBox CVS feature).
  • Added multiple image mounting support, CTRL-F4 to swap (yet another new DOSBox CVS feature).
  • Fixed a regression where pressing either one of the reload buttons in the edit profile dialog would reset the captures directory setting.
  • Internal DOSBox CVS build to Jan. 22nd for the Windows package. This build can be a lot faster for certain types of games using the dynamic core, thanks to the great DOSBox development team!

v0.53 (2007-1-11)

  • Implemented profile duplication using mouse popup menu or ctrl-d (red_avatar).
  • Added profile table column chooser in the setting dialog screen, so that you can choose the columns that you would like to be visible. Please note that changing the visible columns will reset column order and sorting (red_avatar).
  • Added the option to automatically sort the profiles table after adding a profile (instead of putting the new profile at the end of the list) (red_avatar).
  • Implemented auto-complete for developer/publisher/genre and status fields (red_avatar).
  • Profile sorting among multiple criteria is now correctly stored across sessions. It is also quite a lot faster now.
  • Made precautions to prevent accidental database overwriting using a differently named default database file (wd).
  • Drive letters in uppercase now (MiniMax).
  • Check for Java JRE 1.5 availability in batchfiles (MiniMax).
  • Updated SWT to 3.2.1 and internal DOSBox CVS build to Jan. 9th for the Windows package. Note that DBGL currently does NOT work correctly on newer CVS builds since joystick configuration was changed on the 10th, effectively breaking support for that.

v0.52 (2006-11-19)

  • Implemented multiple criteria profile sorting as suggested by MiniMax.
  • Fixed additional dosbox parameters support when running a profile.

v0.51 (2006-11-19)

  • When sorting profiles by anything but the Title column, a secondary sort for Titles is performed (Folken).
  • Implemented additional parameters support per dosbox version (Folken).
  • Improved database exception handling so that problems are correctly fowarded to the GUI (Minimax).
  • Fixed crash bug when right-clicking on an empty profiles-list (thank you Jeff).
  • Fixed saving sblaster oplrate setting for both profiles and templates (thank you Don).

v0.50 (2006-11-04)

  • Quite a large amount of changes this time, among others a database change; Therefore, please backup your entire dbgl directory if you're upgrading! In case you're using the new jar with an existing profile database, that database will be updated automatically on the first run.
  • Implemented the option to store a profile's configuration file in the game directory (collector). Also, conf files can be named after the profile title instead of the profile ID (Gadler). You can find the options in the 'Settings' dialog.
  • Updated internal DOSBox CVS build to nov. 1st on both the Windows AND Linux packages.
  • Major work on the D-Fend profile importing code; Created a new dialog to set options and made sure that any possible import problems are correctly manifested to the user.
  • Added the possibility to import an existing .conf file using the File menu or via SendTo on Windows systems (collector).
  • Rewrote exception handling code so that file I/O problems are handled more gracefully.
  • Debugged storing a desktop shortcut with invalid characters in the profile's title.
  • Fixed silly column-titles inside 'Templates' and 'DOSBox versions' tabs.
  • A small fix to make sure screenshots are not kept locked on DBGL exit.
  • Updated the Linux startup script so that DBGL can be started from any working directory (thank you jMax). HSQLDB was also updated to


  • Fixed shortcut creation crash bug.


  • Implemented 'Desktop shortcut creation' for DBGL running on Windows.
  • Updated internal DOSBox CVS build to oct. 5th. and HSQLDB to, Windows only for the moment.
  • Added 'Settings' dialog box for running DOSBox in -noconsole mode (benkid77) and manipulating the 'Dynamic Options' (see comments for v0.43)
  • Added support for extra joystick options as introduced in DOSBox 0.65b1 and Ykhwong's build
  • Added so-called 'Grab' buttons for the game/setup and booter fields in order to fetch the currently selected mount location.
  • Implemented shortcuts for profile favorite marking, and marking DOSBoxversions and Templates as default
  • Changed drive-mounting logic a tiny bit; in case multiple mounting points match a chosen game exe path, the longest location is chosen, so that the corresponding drive is used inside DOSBox
  • Disabled the Windows Java console by default (dbgl.bat), the old behaviour is still available for debugging purposes (dbglcons.bat).
  • Some code-refactoring to keep it all maintainable


  • Implemented screenshot removal (right-click), F2 to edit profile (besides ctrl-enter) and made the various 'Browse..' buttons more intelligent by using a default directory when possible.
  • Fixed some pathname casing issues, you may use mixed casing between executable and mounting location on Windows systems now. Also, batchfile CALLing was fixed, so that DOSBox correctly exits when you'd expect it.
  • Fixed a couple of minor layout issues here and there.


  • Added basic support for 'Windows system integration', meaning you can use the Windows Explorer, right-click on a game executable, and select Send To - DBGL to add the game to the profiles list. See readme.txt how to set it up.
  • Made all selectboxes in the profile-editing screen configurable, that is, all these options can be found and edited in settings.conf (works similarly to D-Fends 'Change Dynamic Options', just no GUI yet).
  • Some usability improvements here and there; For example, you can now right-click on list items for options.


  • Added support for special DOSBox builds such as those from Ykhwong and Gulikoza, with experimental options like pixelshaders, multiple SVGA chipsets, Roland MT-32 emulation etc.
  • Made 'Add/Edit DOSBox version'-dialog box more robust by checking executable and config file availability, and implemented automatic config file creation if necessary
  • Running DOSBox will now change the current working directory to the associated DOSBox version location. This will make sure that DOSBox can find other related files where it expects them, like pixelshader(.fx) files and the like.
  • Some code clean-up here and there


  • Fixed lots of Linux bugs, most of them related to pathname translation ('/' vs. '\')
  • Added support for case-sensitive filenames (Linux)
  • Added auto-mount feature and implemented smart drive letter selection in the drive-mounting dialog
  • Implemented basic support to 'autodetect' special DOSBox features such as 'timesynched'. Those options will be enabled in the profile-editing dialog if and only if the option is actually available for the selected DOSBox version.


  • Fixed bug where setting templates or dosbox versions to default could result in multiple defaults
  • Fixed minor D-Fend import bug (using '[' in profile title), more robust sanity checks during import
  • Made all popup windows resizable and window elements scale according to window size


  • Many, many changes


  • Many, many changes


  • Initial release on the web

Please note that some of these screenshots are quite old.

The main dialog showing a list of profiles
Using 'Dark Mode'
Adding a new game profile in DBGL using Windows 8.1
Main DBGL screen (Windows 7)
DBGL in Chinese (Mac OSX)
DBGL on Zorin OS after importing two games
This is what DBGL looks like on Ubuntu
DBGL in Spanish
DBGL on Mac, Linux and Windows
DBGL using 'Gallery View' mode
Click on a capture to view it enlarged, like this
This shot shows the profile's general information
Some custom fields
Set the associated Dosbox version or load a template with preconfigured settings
More profile settings; the audio section
The mounting tab where one can select the mount location and game.exe
Many options for experimental DOSBox builds
Multi-editing many profiles in one go; the colour of the field labels indicate common (black), conflicting (dark-red) or changed settings (light-red)
Editing a profile (Manjaro)
Importing D-Fend profiles...
Access the contextmenu by right-clicking
DBGL comes with a set of templates using speed measurements made with TOPBench
Editing a template is very similar to editing a profile
The 'settings' dialog
The LOG dialog
... and a tool to assist in creating filter conditions

Source code

DBGL is written in Java. It uses SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) for GUI rendering. The profile tiled layout is rendered using a special widget called Nebula Gallery. Gif images are loaded using Kevin Weiner's GifDecoder (modified). DOSBox configuration data is stored in .conf files making it possible to start a profile without even using DBGL (dosbox -conf dosbox.conf -conf profiles\lemmings.conf). DBGL configuration settings are stored in settings.conf. All other data is stored in a single human-readable database (db/database.script) using HSQLDB. For reading the contents of ISO files and CUE/BIN file pairs, it makes use of the Loopy library (modified). FAT disk images are processed using Fat32-lib (modified). Communication with RESTful web services is handled using Jersey 2. To conclude, DBGL also uses commons-io, commons-lang and commons-text from the Apache Commons collection of general purpose libraries.

DBGL source code Java source code

Extract this zip file to a directory of your liking and run ant


Simply run ant (website) to build DBGL. This will compile the Java source into dbgl.jar, and copy files around to create the packages for the different operating systems in the dist/ subdirectory. Please note that the MacOS package can only be created on an actual Mac because of a dependency on hdiutil.

Prior to bundling all compiled code and static resources into dbgl.jar, the various MessagesBundle files (containing all translations) are compacted (stripped of duplicate entries) using . In case entries are missing from a certain bundle, one might use to remedy this.


DBGL has support for multiple languages, and with your help maybe even more languages will be available! Follow these steps:

  • Download the latest full Windows, Linux or Mac package suitable for your system
  • Also download the latest language archive file
  • Extract the DBGL archive to whatever location
  • Extract the language file to the same location. You should have a plugins/i18n directory in the DBGL folder; it contains all language files (*.properties)
  • To add support for a new language:
    • Create a copy of '' file and name it '', where xx is the iso code for the language you selected. If you don't know the iso code, you can find a list here and here (ISO 639-1). In our example, it would be '' for Spanish.
    • Startup DBGL and open the 'Settings' screen
    • Set 'language' to the language that you want to add support for, for example 'Spanish', and press OK
    • Close DBGL
    • Open the new file in your favorite editor. Note that your editor must support UTF-8 file encoding.
  • Or, to make additions or changes to an existing language file:
    • Simply open the existing file in your favorite editor.
  • You will see that each line (except for the comments that start with #) follows the 'name = value' convention. You will have to write a translation for the 'value' part in each line, you shouldn't alter the 'name'. A few remarks though:
    • When you want to use an apostrophe ('), you'll have to write it twice ('')!
    • Text-lines may contain new-line codes, which should be written as \n
    • Some lines contain dynamic parts looking like {0} or {1,number,integer}. You should keep those in your translation! The lines themselves should be translated, but the part between the curly braces should remain in English.
    • If you don't know how to translate a certain line, just leave it in English.

If you want to test your hard work, just start DBGL and observe the beauty. When you're satisfied, please send me your translated file so I can include it in a next release. Thank you!

Contact the author

DOSBox Hi there, my name is Ronald Blankendaal and I'm the author of DBGL. You may contact me by mail, or use the information provided at Vogons (rcblanke). Of course, bug-reports and suggestions are welcome. Please let me know what you think!

I would like to thank all people who have tested DBGL or made contributions, such as translations, code, or otherwise. And many thanks to all the people behind DOSBox and Vogons.

DBGL created by Ronald Blankendaal · © 2024